Living in Ohio, USA (The Ultimate Guide)

Living in Ohio

American football, the Wright brothers, and the rock and roll hall of fame all share one thing in common; Ohio (probably famous dudes too, but mostly Ohio). Ohio boasts of some truly remarkable features, but would living in Ohio be fun?

That’s not an easy question to answer, and in the end, you’re going to have to make that decision yourself. We can help you along the way.

Here, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of living in Ohio, the cost of living, and the exciting destinations in this beautiful state.

“The Heart of it all”…

Ohio is not actually smacked down in the middle of the USA. It is located in the Midwestern region of the States, with Michigan to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the east, Indiana to the west, and West Virginia and Kentucky to the southeast and southwest respectively.

The rest of the northern border of Ohio is enclosed by the fourth-largest lake in North America, Lake Erie.

However, and this is the kicker; according to its Department of Transportation, Ohio is within a day’s drive of 50% of North America’s population. This is kind of a big deal if you know anything about North America. This makes for some pretty great benefits as we’ll see in a bit.

Pros of living In Ohio, USA

We’ll begin with the warm summers and cold winters.

1.      The Climate

Ohio is located in what one would call a sweet spot. Its location gets a good range of temperatures throughout the year. This ranges from up to 30°C summer days to -5°C winter nights.

Fall in Ohio brings with it some of the most beautiful colors and pleasant temperatures of any time during the year. This is a nice time to visit, but seeing as a lot of other people know this too, hotel prices are steadily rising.

2.      Let’s talk Business

I mentioned that Ohio is about a one-day drive from roughly half of North America’s population. However, what I didn’t mention is that it’s just as close to 70% of the manufacturing capacity of the continent. If you are business savvy you probably already see where this is going;

More access = more business opportunities. Truly the heart of it all.

Ohio boasts of the 7th largest economy of all the states and is consistently rated as one of the best locations for doing business in the USA. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you’d probably want to keep that in mind.

3.      200 bucks less on rent!

Even for those of us who aren’t business-minded, Ohio has a ton to offer. It was ranked among the top 10 cheapest states to live in by CNBC in 2016. This is quite exceptional when you consider that it’s the 10th most densely populated state.

Housing costs about $1200 a month on average in Ohio, $200 less than the roughly $1400 national average a renter pays.

This is probably the largest contributing factor to its rating, but other expenses are also lower than in comparable states.

Coupled with the vast job opportunities, it makes for one hell of a bargain.

4.      Healthcare & Higher education.

Both are of very high quality in Ohio. However, education can be quite expensive. The Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned medical facility, is in Ohio.

5.      From Rock&Roll to Pablo Picasso

Ohio is a state that is deeply rooted in the arts. There’s absolutely no shortage of places to visit if you’re into that sort of thing, and there’s a little something for everyone.

Cleveland, Ohio is home to both the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and the Rhythm and Blues Music hall of fame. Talk about range!

There are many orchestras throughout the state, including the Cleveland Orchestra, argued to be one of the best in the world. In downtown Cleveland, Playhouse Square (housing ten theatres in total) is the second-largest performing arts center in the USA.

Many visual art institutions reside in Ohio, the most popular of which is the Cincinnati Art Museum. It holds over a hundred thousand works of art spanning 6 millennia.

There’s even a museum for cartoons.

6      Do you LOVE sports? No, really…

Ohioans do, that’s for sure. If you do too, you’ll have a lot of teams to cheer for.

Baseball? You’ve got the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians of the MLB. Football? You’ve got the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. Basketball? Does “Cavaliers” ring a bell? Even Soccer and Hockey fans aren’t left out.

And last but not least.

7. Rollercoasters

No jokes. Both Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio are listed in the top ten amusement parks in the United States. Cedar Point has 17 rollercoaster rides, which makes it the joint third amusement park with the most rollercoaster rides in the world. That’s 17 different ways to get that adrenaline rush.

So why not pack your bags and move to Ohio this moment? Well, there are some other things to consider.

Cons of Living in Ohio, USA

·         The Climate

You’re probably wondering; “How?” Well, there are two sides to this coin. Ohio’s climate is not only diverse but could also be unpredictable at times.

·         Public Transit

Ohio’s public transportation system is dependent on a system of buses linking the cities within the state. This could pose a challenge if you are used to the convenience of the subway or metro station.

·         Big City Problems

Even as most of the big cities in Ohio give you all the benefits of a larger population and better access to business and job opportunities, they aren’t without their downsides.

One of these would be the higher crime rates that are common in bigger cities in Ohio. The current crime percentage per 1000 people currently stands at 23.5%

·         Swing State

Ohio has a very apparent political divide as it is home to people with opposing political ideas that are roughly balanced in population. Some people don’t mind this, but it could prove to be an issue for others.

Cost of living in Ohio, USA

As usual, we’ll start with rent.


To live in Ohio, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $1000 and $2000 on rent, depending on the number of rooms in the apartment, and its location.

For example, according to Numbeo, a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio could cost as low as $890, while a 3 bedroom one in the city center could go for up to $1980.


If you’ve got a car, your expenses here would come down to gasoline, which costs about 65 cents for a liter, and maintenance of your vehicle. Otherwise, your monthly pass to use the location transportation system costs about $64. A one-way ticket is about $2

Taxi rates are more subjective and may vary according to your location and preference.


An adult living in Ohio spends, on average, about $250 every month on food. This is for your typical grocery store-bought foods that you cook at home. If you’d prefer filet mignon dipped in truffle sauce for dinner every day of the week, you could slap on a couple more zeros.


Paying for your basic utilities, electricity, heating, water, etc. will set you back about $190. Add about $60 to that for an internet connection and you’re all set.

Click here for a comprehensive list of all the things that could affect your monthly budget.

How Much Do you Need to Live in Ohio, USA?

In total you would need about $935, excluding rent, to live as a single person in the capital city of Ohio. This amount goes up to $3300 for a family of four. This total will be different for other parts of the state.

Your rent would be your largest expense. Depending on where you choose, add it up to the figures above to get your estimated total.

Places to visit when in Ohio.

The list is miles long but here are a few:

1.      Lake Erie Islands

Accessible by ferry from the coast, a number of the islands are open to tourists, while some require special access. A great place to appreciate the beauty of the Great Lake.

2.      Sandusky

Cedar Point. Remember it? Sandusky is where it’s at. The amusement park is what the city is best known for, but it’s also home to the Cold Creek Trout Camp; a more calming way to spend your time.

3.      Dayton

The city where the Wright Brothers lived and perfected their first airplane and as you would imagine, aviation is at its heart. A great place to visit if you find it interesting.

Ohio is a terrific place to live; you get that big city feel with the hospitality of a small town. It’s no wonder Ohioans are proud of their state. If you choose to move there, you’d probably love it too.