Living in Texas, The Complete Guide

Living in Texas

Living in Texas comes with its own unique experiences. From the deserts and canyons down to many pickup trucks on the road, this city gives you the kind of chills that you can never find in any American city.

For starters, Texas is one of the most populated cities in the United States. This is because of its growing economy. The city is exciting, and it has everything that it takes to become every person’s favorite.

If you are finding a new home in Texas, this article will give you a comprehensive guide. After reading this article, you should be able to make the right call.

Living in Texas- The Energy state

Texas is a city well known for its energy production and consumption. This feat has made it one of the fastest-growing economies. Besides, it is a city with a growing population of about 28 million residents. This figure makes Texas the second largest after California.

The American Government created Texas after the Mexican-American War in 1861. It is home to several energy companies such as Exxon Mobil and AT&T. It is also a hub for tech companies.

Texas is a city that has a bit of everything you desire. From tourism to agriculture and manufacturing, it’s a city for all.

If you are looking to move to Texas, then you are making the right decision.

Pros of living in Texas

1. Texas holds an impressive job market

No matter the kind of job you are looking for, Texas is an excellent start for you. There are hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to carve out a successful career in the city.

If you work in the tech industry, then Austin is the right place for you. This city gives you an escape from the increasing cost of living in the Bay Area.

There are a lot of high-ranking employers in small cities in Texas. So, if you live in areas like Plano, Houston, and Austin, there is a high chance of getting your preferred job.

Besides working in the tech sector, there are also different energy, banking, and tourism opportunities. These industries have a strong presence in Texas.

2. Excellent Educational Institutions

Texas is the home to excellent learning opportunities. Texas has some of the best public and private schools in the country. When it comes to college education, Schools like the University of Texas, and Texas A&M University are excellent choices.

These schools in Texas also deliver the best learning experience. If you want to live in Texas, this part is definitely covered.

3. Texas is a Diverse State

Are you looking to meet and live with people from diverse cultural backgrounds? If you are, then you should consider living in Texas. Texas is one of the most culturally diverse states in the US.

According to WalletHub, Texas is the best place to meet culturally diverse people in the nation. You get the rest of the world in one state. How cool is that!

In addition, there are multiple languages spoken in the city. Every day, newcomers are trooping in searching for existing opportunities.

4. It is a Beautiful City for Outdoor Activities

If you need a good space to unwind after a workweek, Texas is a favorite city to enjoy your preferred outdoor activity. At different times in the year, the calm weather in Texas makes moving around the city a great experience.

There is a lot the beaches and lakes to cool off during the rainy season. If you love nature, you’ll also love the Cedar Ridge Nature Reserve. It has over 9 miles of trails and hills. It’s great for hiking and relaxation.

In addition, you can spend your weekends at the Central Park of Dallas. There, you can get involved in bird watching, hiking, and other activities in the lake.

The Buffalo Bayou Park is located in the heart of Houston. If you love water activities, then you will not mind going through the 53 miles of hiking.

There is also the Barton Springs pool in Ziker Park Austin. If you are looking for activities, Texas has them in excess.

5. Art comes alive in Texas

It is no surprise that the art scene in Texas is booming. San Antonio is one area with many art galleries and musical events to keep people entertained.

There are over 150 museums in Texas. Some of these Museums are situated in the heart of Houston. The locals always keep themselves alive with live music and theatre from the state’s bubbly art venues and galleries.

6. Texas is the best place for Foodies

Texas is home to a wide variety of both local and intercontinental cuisine. It offers the best BBQ and Tex Mex, with other cultural dishes that you cannot find anywhere else.

Iconic spots such as Lulu’s Café offer fine dining to accommodate Texas’s personalities and food preferences. They also provide the best cinnamon rolls in the state.

Check out Mariano’s for the Best Mexican cuisine. It is an iconic place with a record for having the first Margarita machine in the country.

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Cons of living in Texas

1. There is a lot of traffic congestion

When planning on moving to Texas, be prepared for the worse kind of traffic. Traffic congestion is a problem throughout Texas. However, if you work remotely, this shouldn’t be a problem.

To pass the time while in Texas traffic, always come prepared with your podcasts and Audiobooks. It will help you enjoy your downtime.

Texas has the hottest weather

The temperature levels in Texas are quite high. In places like San Antonio and Dallas, the weather can be as hot as 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime.

If you don’t mind the heat, Texas is a great place to live. However, there are always pools to cool off.

Costs of living in Texas.

The cost of living in Texas is dependent on factors such as location and lifestyle. In places like Houston, The cost of living is 2% lower than the national average, while Dallas is 2% highest. We’ll give you a complete breakdown in the following sections.


The Cost of Rent in Austin, according to Numbeo, is down to about $1220 for a one-bedroom apartment. The Median still sits at $1495

On the other hand, Houston has a median rent of $910 for a one-bedroom and $1100 for a two-bedroom. Finally, living in Dallas is a bit cheaper with a median rent of $994 for a one-bedroom apartment. If you want a two-bedroom apartment, be prepared to dish out $1193.


Since Texas is famous for its cuisine, a single adult will spend at least $3000 yearly. However, a family of four should expect to pay at least $8000 on food per year.

One thing you must realize is that the food prices vary. According to, a gallon of milk cost $3 in Austin and $2.48 in Dallas.


Here’s something you’ll definitely love about Texas. There’s no state income tax! Thus, Texas is one of the best places for retirement.

Sales tax ranges from 6-8%. On the other hand, property tax is higher. This is probably because of the absence of income tax

How Much would you need to Live Comfortably in Texas?

Most homeowners will need to earn between $75,000 and $80,000 to live comfortably. If you do not own a home, that number shoots up to $90,000

Living in Texas is relatively cheaper when compared to most states. Texans enjoy a low cost of living majorly because of the absence of income tax.

Properties are also affordable.


Texas is one of the best places to live. So, if living in Texas catches your fancy, why not give it a try?