Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live? – Pros and Cons of Living in Connecticut 

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Connecticut is definitely a good place to live, but not for everyone. Are you thinking of moving to Connecticut? This is all the guidance you need.

In this article, I’ll review 12 honest pros and cons of living in Connecticut. If you still have questions, you can check the FAQs section for the answers to some questions people like you are asking.

Without wasting more time, let’s dig in!

What’s it Like Living in Connecticut?

To be honest, Connecticut is one state currently experiencing a lot of emigration, primarily because of the high cost of living there. But this doesn’t make it unfit for living.

Connecticut is the United States’ 3rd smallest state. With a population of 3.6 million, it ranks the 29th most populous state in the United States of America. 

Connecticut has several nicknames— the Constitution State, Land of Steady Habits, Provision State, and the Nutmeg State. Every nickname has a story

It’s particularly called the Nutmeg State because of the shrewdness of early residents who peddled wooden nutmegs for a living. 

The state has a motto – Qui Transtulit Sustinet meaning “He who transplanted still sustains”. This motto is traced to the early colonial days when they believed the colonists were under God’s protection.

Living in Connecticut means enjoying the best of history and culture. Connecticut is lavish with stories and places that’ll strengthen your convictions about the state.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Connecticut

Pros of Living in Connecticut Cons of Living in Connecticut 
Four Clear SeasonsLack of Diversity 
Richness in HistoryBrain Drain
Proximity to Boston and NYCResidents are Rude
Great SceneryHigh Housing Costs
Many Options for FunTerrible Drivers

Advantages of Living in Connecticut

1. Four Clear Seasons

Having distinct seasons in a year is something most states cannot boast about. Connecticut is located in the northeastern area of the United States. This area is a sure place to enjoy unrestrained four seasons.

Here’s what you should know about these four seasons:

2. Spring (Runs from March-May)

Average temperatures are 38.1°F when low and 59.8°F when high. The average rainfall or precipitation is 4.04 inches.

  • Summer (Runs from June-August)

Average temperatures are 60°F when low and 82.5°F when high. The average rainfall or precipitation is 3.83 inches.

  • Fall (Runs from September-November)

Average temperatures are 41.8°F when low and 62.7°F when high. The average rainfall or precipitation is 4.04 inches.

  • Winter (Runs from December-February)

Average temperatures are 19.9°F when low and 36.9°F when high. The average rain or snowfall or precipitation is 25.6 inches.

Richness in History

How much do you love culture? Connecticut is wrought with history. At the inception of the state in the 1700s, Connecticut was known for its agricultural heritage. 

Around the 19th century, it was known for machine and textile manufacturing. Today, the state lies in the midst of the urban industrial complex along the Atlantic Coast.

These are just a few of the many historic facts to learn in Connecticut. The New Haven Museum has enough details to help to soak in the knowledge of Connecticut.

Proximity to Boston and NYC

If you’re ever bored of being in Connecticut, you can plan a short trip to a nearby city. It takes a few hours to get to Boston or NYC from Connecticut. Connecticut is a 125km distance to NYC. From Connecticut to Boston is just 188km. 

Great Scenery

Connecticut has amazing scenery, especially in the fall. There are amazing fall colors to fix your gaze on. 

Beyond fall colors, Connecticut is home to some of the most beautiful history arenas, art galleries, and waterfalls.

If you’re up for a tour, here are beautiful places to visit when in Connecticut

Many Options for Fun

In spite of Connecticut’s small size, the state is flooded with exciting spots to have fun. The beautiful environment makes it even more fun. Adults love it. Children love it even more. 

Here are some things you’ll love to experience in Connecticut:

  1. Educational System is Topnotch 

The public system in Connecticut is one of the best in the United States. If you’re moving to Connecticut with your kids, here are the top public schools in Connecticut to consider:

  • Westport Public Schools
  • Trumbull Public Schools
  • Darien Public School District
  • Glastonbury Public Schools 
  • Wilton Public Schools 

For college degrees, these universities stand out in Connecticut:

  • University of Connecticut 
  • Central Connecticut State University 
  • University of Hartford
  • Southern Connecticut State University 
  • University of Bridgeport
  • Western Connecticut State University 

Disadvantages of Living in Connecticut 

Lack of Diversity

Lack of diversity is strewn all over Connecticut systems. The Danbury school board was recently criticized for its lack of diversity.

In 2020, Connecticut also recorded an increased diversity among Connecticut teachers.

According to the report, a high school student found it absurd to have only one teacher of color throughout her educational experience.

Some residents who relocated from diverse cities like Los Angeles feel they learned more about life in LA than in Connecticut.

You can check out our article on the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles. 

Brain Drain

Most Connecticut students end up leaving the state for places like New York City, Boston, or the West Coast. Over the years, this has become a challenge for the economy.

In 2017, Connecticut legislators came up with a bill set to solve the brain drain in Connecticut. The bill sought to make the state more lucrative and affordable for graduates.

Residents in response to this stated that beyond tax incentives, the government needs to create more high-paying jobs. Only good jobs can match the high cost of living in Connecticut. 

Residents are Rude

According to a poll conducted by, Connecticut ranks 6th rudest state in all of the United States. If you love making friends, it may be tough for you. 

They’re not fake. If they don’t like you, you’ll know. It’s super abnormal in Connecticut to say random HIs to strangers. Everyone is about their own business.

High Housing Costs

Where houses are expensive, the cost of living is high. Connecticut is 12% more expensive to live in than the United States.

It is also ranked 6th most expensive state to live in the United States after New York City.

According to Best Places, the cost of living in Connecticut is 107.8 (above the United States average).

Here are the average rent costs:

  • Studios – $1,082
  • One-bedroom apartments – $1,285
  • Two-bedroom apartments – $1,577
  • Three-bedroom apartments – $1,681
  • Four-bedroom apartments – $2,261
  1. Terrible Drivers

According to the 2018 Safe Driving Report, Connecticut drivers ranked worst in the United States. The basis of this report was the likelihood of drivers engaging in speeding, phone usage, and outbursts of road rage. Drivers in the Midwest were ranked best for safe driving.

  1. High Taxes 

Connecticut is the second (out of 10) top high-paying tax state in the United States. Here are the rates according to the Tax Foundation:

  • Individual income tax – 6.99%
  • Business/ Corporate income tax – 7.50%
  • Sales tax – 6.35%
  • Property tax – 1.76%


Like I said at the beginning of this article, Connecticut is a good place to live. You just have to check if it suits your preferences. I hope you found this article helpful! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Living in Connecticut 

Is it safe to live in Connecticut?

To a certain degree, yes. If you don’t want to live in the big town because of crime, you can choose the small towns. According to Niche, any of these neighborhoods is safe:

  • West Hartford
  • Avon
  • Simsbury
  • Greenwich
  • Farmington
  • Glastonbury
  • Ridgefield
  • Fairfield
  • Cheshire

What are the dangerous neighborhoods to live in Connecticut?

According to Movoto, these are some neighborhoods to avoid in Connecticut:

  • Waterbury
  • New Haven
  • Meriden
  • New London
  • Derby
  • Hartford
  • Bridgeport
  • Easy Hartford

Can I raise a family in Connecticut?

Why not? Especially since education is great in Connecticut. If you’re bothered about safety and the cost of living, you don’t need to.

Here are some neighborhoods marked by Niche to be safe and affordable for families:

  • Old Greenwich
  • Weatogue 
  • Ridgefield
  • Riverside
  • Avon
  • Weston
  • Cos Cob
  • New Canaan

Where are the affordable neighborhoods to live in Connecticut?

According to Movoto, here are some affordable locations to consider:

  • Hartford
  • Torrington
  • Norwich—New London
  • New Haven
  • Willimantic
  • Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk

How much do I need to live in Connecticut?

In 2018, a family budget calculator was released by the Economic Policy Institute to help residents living in American counties.

The standard used was the cost of living in Connecticut’s most expensive neighborhood — Fairfield County. 

According to the group, you’ll need to earn about $109,497 annually or $9,125 monthly to live in Connecticut.

Here’s a proper breakdown per month:

  • Housing – $1,627
  • Child care – $1,579
  • Feeding – $883
  • Transportation – $1,231 
  • Taxes – $1,575 
  • Other necessities – $1,013 

Living in less expensive areas definitely costs less. Check the calculator to get the figures that apply to your preferred location.