Pros and Cons of Living in Guelph

Living in Guelph

Living well in a new place can be a thing of probability. Living in Guelph doesn’t make it less uncertain.

Would it be the perfect fit for you? Would you love it there? Will you make new friends? Well, nobody knows for sure, but this article will help you weigh your options for the best decision.

In this article, we’ll give you all the pros and cons to consider before living in Guelph. Best believe it’ll help you make the best choice.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Guelph

Pros of Living in GuelphCons of Living in Guelph
Immigrant FriendlyRestrictions on Job Opportunities
Great EducationAn Influx of Students
Great Place for a Career in TechWeather Gets Really Cold
Low Crime RateNightlife is Not Overly Vibrant
Vast Options for RecreationUnderdeveloped Train System

What is Living in Guelph Like?

Nicknamed the Royal City in the 1800s, Guelph has stood out from other towns for several reasons. Besides being beautiful, Guelph has sustained a strong cultural tradition over the years.

Guelph is popular for its serenity and splash of color — thanks to nature. It’s also popular for having several conservative areas which make water-based games and activities easy.

Based on resident reviews, living in Guelph is oddly satisfying. But Guelph is much more than going to your workplace and returning home every day. It offers safety, worth, and social security to its residents.

Advantages of Living in Guelph

1.   Immigrant Friendly

There are tons of immigrants in Guelph, Ontario. They wouldn’t be much if they weren’t welcome! The government makes it easy for immigrants to get comfortable and seek out a living for themselves.

For instance, you can find most Syrian refugees working in Kitchener, free English education is provided for them, and daycares are provided for immigrant mothers striving to earn a living.

As an immigrant, you also enjoy welfare benefits for a year. Subsequently, job opportunities are made available to provide for yourself. This is a real haven, unlike most racist cities that attack and harass immigrants to leave.

2.   Great Education

University of Guelph ranks 20 in Canada’s list of top universities. Globally, the university ranks 483 among the top universities of the world. If you have a passion for agriculture, the University of Guelph is the best option for you. Besides tertiary education, Guelph offers great junior high and high school education.

3.   Low Crime Rate

Nothing beats being assured of your safety. Guelph is one place that gives its residents no cause for alarm. Guelph city has a crime rate of 28.68% on Numbeo, the largest database on the cost of living.

4.   Great Place for a Career in Tech

Unlike Waterloo which is the home of Blackberry, coupled with having Google and Microsoft hubs, Guelph may not be famous as a tech town, but that doesn’t make it less advanced.

In a recent report by the Commercial Real Estate Company, Waterloo ranked 4th, while Guelph ranked 13th on a list of top 20 tech towns in Ontario, Canada. At Innovation Guelph, a lot of companies and communities are still being helped in tech.

This is a great opportunity for young minds with brilliant tech ideas to start their tech career early. If you’re moving to Guelph with a child who’s tech-savvy, then this could be a great opportunity.

5.   Vast Options for Recreation

Guelph is a beauty worth exploring. It gets even better as it slowly turns into a full-blown cultural hub. Whether as a resident or a visitor, many structures and creations of nature will call out to you.

If you ever make the decision to live in Guelph, you’re sure not to run out of fun places to be. From the Rockwood Conservation Area to the Arboretum at Guelph University, and then the Civic Museum. The list is endless!

Being just a 45-minute drive to Toronto, residents also look forward to fun trips to Toronto to explore some new pleasures.

Disadvantages of Living in Guelph

1.   Restrictions on Job Opportunities

While immigrants are welcome in Guelph, there may be some limitations on the kind of jobs they can get.

In describing their experiences, most newcomers said their top-notch credentials could not get them jobs in their field. According to them, there was always the requirement of a “Canadian Work Experience”.

While this is a limitation, this information will help you condition your mind to the fact that you may not just jump into your field right away. You may need to work in other industries for a few years to get the relevant Canadian experience necessary to plunge into your field.

2.   An influx of Students

With the standard of education in Guelph, the city is slowly becoming a university town. This means more noise, more partying, and more population. If the majority of people you want to meet in Guelph are working-class members of society, the town may not be ideal.

3.   Weather Gets Really Cold

Guelph has unreliable weather. Annually, it snows for 82 days in Guelph. And when it’s not snowing, the weather is chilly from heavy rain. In the summer, it rarely goes beyond 26°C. If you choose to move to Guelph, you have to make up your mind to cope with the cold.

4.   Nightlife is Not Overly Vibrant

In comparison with Toronto which has a vibrant nightlife, Guelph does not come close. If you’re relocating from Toronto to Guelph, expecting to have the same kind of night fun you had in Toronto, you may be disappointed.

5.   Underdeveloped Train System

Though the train system makes it easy for residents to commute, the available train routes are never enough to get residents to work every day. However, sometime in 2021, the government announced its move to create more routes for ease of transportation.

Should You Live in Guelph?

It’s totally up to you!

Being one of the fast-growing cities in Canada, Guelph definitely has so much to offer. While it may come with its own challenges, it’s important you weigh your options based on your personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Living in Guelph

Is it safe to live in Guelph?

Yes! With a crime level of 28.68, Guelph is ranked one of the safest cities to live in Ontario, Canada.

Is living in Guelph expensive?

In comparison to living in Toronto and New York, living in Guelph is 26.09% cheaper.

What are the most dangerous areas in Guelph?

Areavibes provides a comprehensive list of the 10 most dangerous areas in Guelph. They are:

  • Onward Willow – 32%
  • The Junction – 28%
  • Priory Park – 23%
  • Two Rivers – 23%
  • June Avenue – 22%
  • Guelph Downtown – 13%
  • Brant – 11%
  • Exhibition Park – 9%
  • St Georges – 8%
  • Waverley – 7%