What is the Average Salary in Dubai?

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Did you land a job in Dubai, or you’re considering relocating and getting a job? Beyond the thrills of starting a new life, I’m sure you must be wondering what the pay in Dubai is like. We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should expect while working in Dubai and the salary benefits that come with it. If that’s what you’ve been looking out for, stay glued!

What’s it Like Working in Dubai?

Dubai is a thriving business zone and can be greatly beneficial to workers — given its low taxes and high wages. Working in Dubai means getting acquainted with the way of life there.

That said, it’s important you note that Dubai is a purely Arab city, hence having a high regard for its traditions and Muslim religion. To succeed in this thriving economy, it’s important to take note of their way of life — especially as regards clothing and conduct.

If you’re coming from a more liberal country like the United States, the conservative dressing must be a foreign phenomenon. In Dubai, even sunbathing shirtless is prohibited. For lovers, you may want to hold on to your PDA (Public Display of Affection). Even if you’re married, only locking hands together can be tolerated. As for hugging and kissing, it’s a No-No.

Again, Islamic laws are implemented even on non-Muslims. Rules relating to their prayers, teetotalism, and smoking are taken seriously. While Muslims are expected to not consume alcohol at all, consumption of alcohol in public is illegal for non-Muslims.

If you don’t mind the rigid system, then you can thrive in Dubai’s booming economy.

Average Salary in Dubai

Dubai has the highest average salary in all of the United Arab Emirates. Currently, the average salary in Dubai is about 20,000 AED per month. Here’s a list of different careers and the average salaries to expect when working in Dubai.

ProfessionAverage Salary
AccountantAED 52,623 (Per Year)
Finance Manager AED 204,165 (Per Year)
Project ManagerAED 218,599 (Per Year)
Mechanical EngineerAED 61,551 (Per Year)
Civil Engineer AED 69,854 (Per Year)
Business PlannerAED 19,016 (Per Month)
Banker AED 18,970 (Per Month)
Counselor AED 17,919 (Per Month)
Arline, Aviation, Defence, and Aerospace OfficersAED 16,441 (Per Month)
Marketing AED 19,678 (Per Month)
Fashion Designing AED 15,613 (Per Month)
Hair DressingAED 15,613 (Per Month)
Legal Profession AED 18,436 (Per Month)

What is the Cost of Living in Dubai

According to Numbeo, the monthly cost of living for a family of four is estimated at 12,796.61AED without rent. On the other hand, a single individual’s monthly living cost is evaluated at 3,655.92AED without rent.

To rent a house, here’s a breakdown of the rent prices to budget

Apartment (1 bedroom) in the City Centre6,359.53 AED
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of the Centre3,735.60 AED
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the City Centre11,166.78 AED
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of the Centre6,888.40 AED


Because of the benefits of little or no taxes, living and working in Dubai can be attractive. However, people are said to be leaving Dubai because of the strict rules and high expectations of disciplined behavior. Whatever the case, Dubai is still a thriving zone for anyone ready to play by the rules and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Average Salary in Dubai

Is 10,000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

It’s not bad for a start. Any amount between 10,000 – 15,000 AED is enough to give you a comfortable life in Dubai.

Is rent expensive in Dubai?

It depends on your tastebuds. If you want luxury, the apartments presented will be expensive. However, the average rent costs between 30,000 – 50,000 AED.

How much federal tax is paid in Dubai?

You may be shocked to know that Dubai doesn’t collect federal taxes or personal income taxes in the country. Hence, there’s no need to make tax returns to the UAE government.

What is the biggest problem in Dubai?

Dubai is faced with serious earth problems. Some of them include desertification, air pollution, no proper means for waste disposal, and limited water resources.

Can unmarried couples live together in Dubai?

Before 2022, cohabitation was a crime. However, things are a bit liberal now and may not be considered a crime — hence, no punishments or penalties. That notwithstanding, the government still expects a high moral standard from its inhabitants.