What is the Average Salary in Barcelona?

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With the high cost of living in Barcelona, Spain, the question of the average salary in Barcelona is common. Are you considering living and or working in Barcelona? 

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed description of the average salary in Barcelona, depending on your work. 

Let’s get started!

Average Salary in Barcelona 

Barcelona is the most expensive state to live in Spain. Even with this, residents complain that the salary is still not high enough to complement the living costs.

This is unlike what’s obtainable in Madrid where the cost of living is commendable and the salary is high. In Barcelona, your salary will depend on the kind of work you do.

According to Teleport, Barcelona ranks 158 among 265 other cities for salaries. There are many job opportunities in Barcelona, with great salaries.

Your educational level is also key in determining what you’ll earn in Barcelona. According to BDEX, the average growth of salaries in Barcelona has been 2% since 2018.

The average salary in Barcelona is $2,591 monthly. However, your salary will also depend on your profession.

Here are the Average Salaries of Some Professions in Barcelona According to BDEX:

Average Salary for the Medical Field

The average salary for anyone working in the medical field is about $3,200 in Barcelona. A surgeon earns about $4,600 monthly on average. A nurse earns about $2,400 monthly on average.

Average Salary for the Legal Field

The average monthly salary for public administrators, notaries, and court officials is about $7,700. Judges could earn up to $15,500 per month on average. Private and state notaries earn an average of $25,900 and $7,700 respectively per month.

Average Salary for the Educational Field

People who work in the educational system earns an average of $1,800 monthly. School teachers earn about $2,000 per month while university teachers earn about $3,600 per month. School headmasters could earn up to $4,000 while rectors’ salaries can go up to $10,000 on average per month.

Average Salary for the Construction Field

The average salary per month for construction workers is about $2,900. Civil engineers can earn up to $6,000 on average per month. Crane operators earn an average of $3,000 per month. Foremen earn up to $4,000 monthly.

Average Salary of IT Personnel

The average salary per month for IT workers in Barcelona is $6,200. While a programmer could earn up to $4,000 on average per month, web developers earn about $3,300 per month on average. 

Some other professions include:

ProfessionAverage Salary Per Month
Accountant3,200 EUR 
Pharmacist 3,650 EUR 
Plumber1,300 EUR 
Electrician1,440 EUR
Street Cleaner970 EUR
Taxi Driver990 EUR
Car Mechanic2,100 EUR
Cashier1,140 EUR 
Sales Manager 5,010 EUR


No doubt, the average salary in Barcelona may not cater for all your needs in Spain. But you can make the best use of your skills.

There are many opportunities to choose from. Freelancing has become a major fallback for residents in Barcelona. Why not try it?

Frequently Asked Questions About Barcelona?

What jobs pay well in Spain?

According to Salaryexplorer, the best-paying career jobs in Spain are doctors, lawyers, pilots, judges, orthodontists, marketing directors, bank managers, CEOs, College professors, and chief financial officers. 

What jobs are in high demand in Barcelona?

According to an interview with HR directors in Spain, these categories of jobs are in high demand in Spain:

  • Sales – 26.34%
  • Marketing – 9.14%
  • Engineering – 24.19%
  • Finance, Legal, and Administrative jobs – 4.30%
  • Technology – 23.12%

How much is the rent in Spain?

According to Numbeo, here’s a breakdown of rent per month in Spain:

  • One-bedroom apartment in the city center – 744.12 EUR 
  • One-bedroom apartment outside the city center – 603.58 EUR 
  • Three-bedroom apartment in the city center – 1,240.77 EUR 
  • Three-bedroom apartment outside the city center – 929 EUR 

What is Spain known for?

Spain is famous for bullfighting, Spanish cuisine, Spanish football, and Spanish architecture, amongst many other things.

Can you get a job in Barcelona speaking English?

Yes, you can, but of course, your options will be limited. You’ll easily find jobs in the hotel industry – waitressing, dishwashing, or food delivery are common. Teaching English is also a great option available for you.