Best 16 Portland Brunch Spots You must Try

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Portlanders believe that life’s too short to eat bad food. And this is why Portland, Oregon is the foodie’s paradise. If you love to explore meals, there are many Portland brunch spots to give you that luxury. 

In this article, I’ll be giving you details of 16 Portland brunch spots that are worth your money — and your tastebuds!

Top 16 Brunch Spots in Portland, Oregon

There are uncountable places to have brunch in Portland. However, I’ll be sticking to 16 Portland brunch spots in this article. 

#1. Pine State Biscuits

This restaurant is worth all the hype. If you’re new to Portland, it’s one of the brunch spots you must try. Every visitor is unapologetic about a 5-star rating for Pine State Biscuits. The experience compels you!

In 2006, Pine State Biscuit was birthed by 3 friends. Their motive was simple — to share the love they have for southeast cuisine with the rest of the Pacific Northwest.

Out of the many dishes they wanted to share, they were most passionate about the southern biscuits. Today, they’re popular for their biscuit sandwiches.

Pine State Biscuit’s menu is holistic! It covers every kind of craving and appetite — sweet tooth, vegetarian, just name it.

#2. Little Griddle 

Just like the name, Little Griddle is a small carved-out spot for exquisite breakfast and brunch. Their services are available on Sunday: 8 am to 3 pm, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 am – 2 pm, and Saturday: 8 am to 3 pm.

Customers from Little Griddle don’t just love the food – they also speak highly of the friendly services. The Little Griddle menu is all-encompassing. From burgers to chicken and salads.

If you’re confused, their Philly Steak Sandwich is worth a try. Better still, ask for their special shakshuka. It’s to die for! You can also get gluten-free and vegetarian options there.

The scenery at Little Griddle is also admirable. Imagine eating and staring at great art and plants — divine! 

#3. The Waffle Window

If you think you’ve explored waffles, wait till you get to Waffle Window. This affordable eatery makes the best homemade Belgian waffles you’d ever have.

The Waffle Window is one of the famous restaurants in Portland, Oregon. KGW rated The Waffle Window as one of the top five breakfast and brunch spots in Portland.

Apple pie waffles, rose city waffles, and huckleberry dream waffles are just a bit of what you’ll enjoy at the waffle window. You can check their menu for more options.

#4. Flattop and Salamander

Flattop and Salamander is a 2022 new brunch spot in Portland. The adventurous name came from two important commercial kitchen tools. Flattop represents a grill while salamander represents a broiler.

In January 2022, the flattop and salamander boozy brunch just opened in the Buckham neighborhood. It came heavy with a great cocktail menu and of course, an attractive brunch menu.

Their special biscuits & gravy and French toasts are world-class. Their drink menu is tagged “ambitious”. If you love adventure, then Flattop and Salamander is one of the brunch spots you must try.

#5. Cheryl’s on 12th

Every review on this restaurant says something about their great customer service. Cheryl’s is owned by Cheryl and Ed Cassey who genuinely care for their customers.

It’s easy to locate Cheryl’s since it’s at the center of downtown Portland. Cheryl’s doubles as a restaurant as well as a catering company. As the tagline goes, the restaurant is as good as it gets!

Brunch is served on weekends with delicious options for you to choose from. Cheryl’s detailed menu comes with very affordable meals.

You can try something on the House specialties list — Chicken Marsala or Quesadilla. If you’re going with your kids, Cheryl’s got you covered with their special kids’ menu! 

#6. Kingsland Kitchen

The brunch club! The Kingsland kitchen is special for its popular weekend brunch. All you need to do is stop over, sit, and unbuckle your belt because you’re up for an experience. 

All you need to know about their cuisines are on the Kingsland Kitchen menu. The Kingsland casserole is like heaven in your mouth. If you have a sweet tooth, the Eton Mess pancakes may not be as sweet as you’d naturally want.

Feel free to try whatever appeals to you!

#7. Mama Bird

Looking for an allergy-friendly, gluten-free restaurant? Mama Bird is the best there is in Portland, Oregon. Mama Bird opened sometime in 2019 with a specialization in their signature wood fire-grilled chicken.

They serve brunch every day from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm. Mama Bird’s brunch menu captures all your cravings. From the sweet and savory list to the sides and brunch beverages list. Their Belgian waffles are delicious! 

#8. Gravy

If you’ve been looking for an ideal home-style restaurant, Gravy is your place. Their wonderful breakfast, brunch, and lunch options are enough to bring you back.

Gravy is the best brunch spot to enjoy American meals. The hash browns and shredded potatoes are customers’ favorite go-to.

You can also have their special corned beef hash or Monte Cristo. Feel free to check the brunch menu for more options. 

#9. Grain and Gristle

At Grain and Gristle, you’re sure to have the best burger. Beyond having burgers, this restaurant fosters community and customer relationships.

They also support farmers, craftsmen, and ranchers by patronizing them. Their menu is seasonal, depending on the ingredients farmers produce that season. 

If you’re tired of having to play dress-up before eating out, this restaurant is for you. They promote genuine freedom and traditional values. All you need to do is go as you are!

In 2017, Grain and Gristle restaurant was awarded Best Hamburger in Portland. Their brunch was also recognized as one of the best Portland brunches in the city.

The Grain and Gristle brunch menu has alluring options. Their names alone would make you want to try them all. You can start with the Chaka Khan Special!

#10. Jam on Hawthorne

This is another much-talked-about restaurant on Hawthorne. In 2018 and 2019, Jam on Hawthorne was voted Portland’s best brunch spot.

The restaurant is popular for its food options and great art scene. The Jam on Hawthorne menu is also vegan-friendly. Except for their gluten-free pancakes, Jam on Hawthorne is strictly not a gluten-free kitchen.

So all customers are advised to inform the staff of any food allergies they may have. 

#11. Mother’s Bistro and Bar

Talk about comfort foods that are mom-approved! The Mother’s Bistro and Bar specializes in American, vegetarian, continental, and local cuisines.

This restaurant is run by a chef and mother — Lisa Schroeder. Her motive is to showcase moms’ authentic cooking from all over the world. Mother’s Bistro is popular for its breakfast and brunch options. 

If you’re visiting Mother’s Bistro, you should try their signature biscuits and gravy made from scratch. You should also have their stellar creamy salmon hash, French press coffee, and thick Belgian waffles.

Since it has a bar, you can also enjoy wine, beer, or cocktails there. Check out the Mother’s Bistro and Bar Menu and make a reservation if you need to.

#12. Broder Cafe

Where to get Scandinavian meals? You can rest easy when Broder Cafe is involved. Broder cafe is one of Portland’s largest brunch spots. It’s located at Clinton Street, Portland, Oregon.

Broder cafe is popular for its Nordic brunch, lunch, and special drinks. They’re ready to serve you seven days weekly, from 8 am – 3 pm.

When in Broder cafe, you can try their salmon cake and baked eggs. Details of their cuisines are in the Broder cafe menu.

#13. The Hazel Room

The Hazel Room specializes in exquisite breakfasts, coffee cocktails, and alcoholic tea. Breakfasts are served all day. On weekends, more options are available for brunch.

If you’re not into alcohol, you’re still covered. They run a fully stocked bar serving non-alcoholic drinks and extensive options for tea.

The Hazel Room doubles as one of Hawthorne District’s best restaurants and one of the best coffee shops in Central Eastside, Portland.

You’ll find Hazel room open from Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm and from 10 am- 4 pm on Sundays. If you’re new, you can start with the biscuit Benedict on the Hazel Room menu

#14. HunnyMilk

Hunnymilk is also one of the top brunch spots you must try. It’s the typical brunch restaurant with set prices for its food. The restaurant serves brunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am – 2 pm.

On weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), brunch is served from 8 am – 2 pm. Hunnymilk’s menu gives customers details of all they’ll be ordering. From savory, sweet, and cocktail, to drink categories. 

You won’t have to get bored of the Hunnymilk menu since it changes each season (while still maintaining its traditional meals). HunnyMilk service options don’t include deliveries just in case you want to order your brunch. 

#15. The Original Pancake House

 If you’re ever in a hurry, go to the Original Pancake House. Unlike other brunch spots, you don’t have to wait for long to get your order.

You can try out their special apple pancake or Dutch baby. Everyone’s talking about it. If you can’t eat in, you can have your meals delivered to your doorstep.

There are other meals on the Original Pancake House menu. Their pancake list is attractive. Check them out for yourself.

#16. Cartlandia

I decided to include a food truck since Portland is famous for food trucks. Though underrated, Cartlandia is the best food cart pod in Portland. 

According to customers, they serve the best Burritos in Portland. Customers particularly speak highly of their Sushi Burrito Truck and Vegan Food Truck.

They serve brunch every day, and they remain open from 7 am till 9 pm daily. It’s also a place you go to when you’re not sure what you want to eat. Cartlandia has it all — Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Egyptian, name it.

The best part is that food at Cartlandia is made fresh as you order. Their specialties are Lao sausage, fresh salmon, larb, shrimp pad Thai, spring rolls, and green papaya salad.

You can check the Cartlandia menu.

Finally …

There’s no end to Portland brunch spots. Each year, Portland records more restaurant openings than many other cities. As the foodie’s paradise, it’s definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves exploring meals. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Portland

Where can I get the best breakfast in Portland?

All brunch spots discussed in this article serve the best breakfast in Portland. Just choose one and enjoy yourself.

Are Portland brunch reservations possible?

Of course! Here are great brunch spots that take reservations:

  • Mother’s Bistro and Bar
  • Original Pancake House
  • Broder Cafe
  • Grain and Gristle
  • Pine State Biscuits
  • Slappy Cakes
  • Tin Shed

What is Portland known for?

Portland is famous for a lot of things. If you ever visit Portland, here are some important things to note and look out for:

  • Their food truck scene
  • Portland Saturday market
  • Their Arboretum
  • Their great taste in art
  • Their coffee
  • Their love for bicycle rides

What are the most famous foods in Portland?

It’s no secret that Portland is a foodie’s paradise. Here are 7 most famous foods you’ll find Portlanders eating:

Are Portlanders friendly?

The Northwest generally has a friendly attitude. Portlanders are not any different. Their unusual friendliness to strangers almost feels weird.

It extends to how your Uber driver treats you. They see you as a friend who’s open to a conversation. They won’t hold back.

If you’re new to Portland, you may consider taking the front seat when your Uber arrives. That way, you don’t hurt their feelings.

Mind you, Portlanders are not nice to you because they want to take advantage of you. It’s in their nature to be hospitable.