Is Arlington Texas a Good Place to Live? – Pros and Cons of Living in Arlington, TX

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Some say living in Arlington is both a blessing and a curse. Some others say it’s the best place to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) and Texas. Others say it’s not the best place for environmentally conservative people.

By and large, their testimony is that Arlington, Texas is a good place to live. In this article, I will give you an objective view of the pros and cons of living in Arlington. It’ll be of great help in your decision-making process.

Let’s dive in!

What’s it Like Living in Arlington, TX?

Arlington is a growing city but stands out as a huge town. According to the last census from World Population Review, Arlington has a population of 400,032.

If anything, you’ll completely love it in Arlington, especially with the diversity of people from all walks of life living there. Since Arlington is a global community, its neighborhoods are built to suit any kind of lifestyle — you get the options. 

With the growth being experienced in Arlington, the city currently stands out as Texas’ largest city (even without being a county seat). On the national scale, Arlington is the 48th most populated US city.

Arlington has stood out for many things — ranked by Forbes as one of the best places to buy a home, one of the 20 best cities recommended for first-time homeowners, and one of the best places to raise a family, amongst many other good rankings.

If you’re thinking of moving to Arlington, you’re sure up for a ride. But first, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in this high-ranked city.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Arlington Texas

Pros of Living in Arlington, TXCons of Living in Arlington, TX
Great EducationArlington has no Public Transportation System
Big City Vibes, yet Quiet and put TogetherHigh Chance of Traffic Congestion 
Real Estate is Affordable in Arlington High Sales and Property Taxes
Truckload of Places and Activities to EnjoyArlington Residents may be Needing More Personal Hygiene
Great Weather

Pros of Living in Arlington, TX

Here’s what you’ll enjoy while living in Arlington 

Great Education

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is one of the best in Arlington. It has a wide range of course options to choose from, depending on your preferences. Every year, UTA enrolls over 48,999 students, both on-campus and distance-learning students.

If you have a knack for Computer Science, Nursing, or Engineering, it’ll interest you to know that UTA has an envious reputation in these fields and is fast moving to Tier 1 in its delivery.

Big City Vibes, yet Quiet and put Together

Are you looking for a city with the regular hustle and bustle that comes with living in a big city, yet quiet enough to give you some peace of mind? Arlington is the place for you!  

Real Estate is Affordable in Arlington

Unlike some other areas in the Metroplex, Arlington has a rich variety of affordable homes — both in new and old neighborhoods; your pick! 

Truckload of Places and Activities to Enjoy

From great parks to games (The Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys both play in Arlington) to a beautiful lake. In fact, one of the parks in Arlington is highly ranked for its disc golf course.

Meanwhile, Arlington has a no-smoking policy in strategic places — restaurants being one of them. You’ll enjoy the wide array of top attractions including museums and retail centers, to mention a few. When in Arlington, be sure to check out some of these sights:

  • The Six Flags Hanging Over Texas 
  • Texas Ranger Baseball Park
  • Hurricane Harbor Water Park
  • Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Great Weather

Nobody wants to get into a new city and have to face unfriendly weather. Actually, Arlington is a hot city to live in (especially in the summer). However, this doesn’t last for very long hours, nor is it the case all-year-found. Residents totally love it here (since they get to enjoy some time on the beach).

Juicy Retirement Benefits

Yup, Arlington is the place for your grandma. You know that comfortable and easy breezy lifestyle that retirees deserve, Arlington offers it on a platter. There are great insurance packages, medical benefits, and a truckload of programs willing to assist and make retirees live a comfortable life after all the work they’ve done for the government.

Arlington is a Diverse City 

They say variety is the spice of life. I say diversity is the spice of life. Arlington opens its arms wide to people from different backgrounds, having different cultures, and traditions. Rather than tearing one another down, Arlingtonians have found ways to bond and love up on the little things that make them different.

Cons of Living in Arlington, TX

Here are some downsides of living in Arlington, TX

Arlington has no Public Transportation System

I guess this has to be the curse they talked about. If you’re going to live in Arlington, then you must consider getting your own car. You don’t want to deal with the struggle of securing a train to your destination every day.

Meanwhile, there have been attempts at creating a public transportation system, but the nonexistent downtown poses a major challenge. Since downtowns we’ve as central areas of importance in every city, it’s difficult to create a bus system without having a downtown in place. 

High Chance of Traffic Congestion

When there’s a major game happening, you may need to brace yourself for the traffic that’ll build up. It gets worse during the weekend when everyone seems to need something from the mall.

High Sales and Property Taxes

Even though Arlington has no income taxes, residents are complaining about the high rates they have to pay on their goods and property. Currently, sales tax is at 8.25% ( 2.25% higher than the national average). Property tax, on the other hand, is 1.93% as opposed to the national average of 1.21%.

Arlington Residents may be Needing More Personal Hygiene

You don’t have to worry about smelly residents. However, if you choose to live in Arlington, you may need extra diligence to keep yourself fresh all day.

Arlington gets hot, you know. This means more perspiration and higher chances of smelling sweaty before the day runs out. You may want to carry an antiperspirant in your bag to keep you fresh.

Final Thoughts 

There’s no telling that Arlington is a good place to live. I believe there’s always a fair price to pay for living in any great place. Arlington, like every other place, has its pros and cons, but it’s your decision to make.

If you’ve followed this article up to this point, would you love to live and work in Arlington, Texas? Take your time to review the pros and cons of living in Arlington discussed in this article. Happy decision-making! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Living in Arlington, TX

Are Arlingtonians friendly?

Friendliness is their stock in trade! If you decide to live or work in Arlington, you won’t have any issues with your neighbors. They’re warm, courteous, and very much helpful.

How diverse is Arlington, Texas?

Pretty diverse. According to World Population Review, the 2022 demographics in Arlington is thus

  • White: 56.08%
  • Black or African American: 22.90%
  • Other races: 7.70%
  • Asian: 6.62%
  • Two or more races: 5.97%
  • Native American: 0.40%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.34%

I don’t know if this is “diverse enough” in your opinion?

Is Arlington a Suburb of Dallas or Fort Worth?

Dallas and Fort Worth were formerly two separate cities. However, they have been joined to become the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW). Arlington is the largest suburb in the very heart of DFW. So, I don’t think it’s a matter of whether it’s in Dallas or Fort Worth. They’re technically one big city now, and Arlington is the biggest suburb there. Does it make sense?

Is UT Arlington hard to get into?

According to Prepscholar, UTA has an acceptance rate of 79.5%. This means that 80 out of 100 applicants are accepted upon every application. This makes it easy to get into. However, note that this is on merit since they won’t mind going below that rate if the applicants are not up to the required standard.

What other Universities are in Arlington?

Besides the University of Texas in Arlington, here’s a list of other universities you’ll find in Arlington

  • Arlington Baptist University 
  • Paul Mitchell The School Arlington 
  • CCI Training Center – Arlington 
  • Peloton College – Arlington 
  • Arlington Medical Institute 
  • Cortiva College – Arlington 
  • Edge Tech Academy 
  • Kaplan College – Arlington