Is Halifax, NS a Good Place to Live? – Pros and Cons of Living in Halifax, NS

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Life in Halifax consists of all goodness, but the drawbacks are yours to weigh. In this article, I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Are you considering moving to this city? Yes? Then stay hooked on this article to get all the info you need. Let’s begin!

Life in Halifax, NS, Canada

Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia. The city is known for its vibrant scenery, ambitious climate, and thriving culture.

Though a small city, Halifax boasts of big city amenities including world-class events that can keep you entertained.

According to the World Population Review, Halifax has a growing population of 414, 173 residents. When in Halifax, you’ll notice two things — toffee products and Mackintosh chocolate. That’s typical Halifax living!

The city is also a navy creation because it’s located in one of the largest natural ice-free harbors in the whole world. This makes Halifax one of the most important commercial ports in Canada.

Let’s get into the pros and cons of living in Halifax. But first, a quick look at the summary!

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Halifax, NS, Canada

Pros of Living in Halifax, NSCons of Living in Halifax, NS
Tranquil LivingHalifax is a Small City
Housing is AvailablePublic Transportation in Halifax is not the Best
Resplendent Beauty and CultureFind Job Opportunities May Pose a Challenge in Halifax
Halifax has Some of the Friendliest ResidentsLow Minimum Wage
Truckload of Bars and PubsHigh Taxes

Advantages of Living in Halifax, NS

There are many reasons most Halifax residents are glued to the city. Wondering what they might be? Here are some!

Tranquil Living

Halifax is quiet, homely, and welcoming. Nonetheless, there’s also a big city feel to the town. This means that you can have a taste of both worlds — quiet living as well as entertainment living when necessary.

Housing is Affordable

Even though there have been recent complaints about rising house costs, Halifax still remains a more desirable place to live than places like Vancouver and Toronto.

Resplendent Beauty and Culture

Halifax is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. You’ll easily see beauty in its old buildings marked by history, nature, bustling waterfront, and monumental displays. Most of the old buildings in Halifax have been there since 1900. Meanwhile, have you taken a look at the Halifax Atlantic Ocean in the sunset? Incredible!

Halifax has Some of the Friendliest Residents

It has become common knowledge that Canada is one of the friendliest countries to be in. To further bring it home, most of these friendly residents live in Halifax. How else do you account for their kindness?

Halifax has a strong sense of community living that is nonexistent in most other cities and countries. If anything, it’s something to look forward to!

Truckload of Bars and Pubs

If you like to make quick stops to get quick bites and drinks, Halifax is your place. Halifax has one of the highest bars per capita. Alexander Keith Nova Scotia Brewery is the biggest in Halifax. You’re sure not to get tired of exploring.

Topnotch Festivals and Events

Festivals in Halifax range from arts, to educational, and cultural festivals. The International Busker Festival and the Halifax Jazz Festival are two main festivals you’ll enjoy while living in Halifax.

There’s also the Hebden Bridge Summer Parade, Calderdale Beer & Cider Festival, and Town A Grassroots Music Festival, to mention a few.

Halifax is a Boutique Haven

There are incredibly creative moguls in Halifax. You’ll notice this in their cloth designs, home decorations, and unique products. Some of the best boutiques include

  • Inkwell
  • Kept Gifts and Housewares
  • Dartmouth Crossing
  • Made in Maritime

Renowned University Education

Halifax is a world-known research center, hence it is known for its quality of education. There are 10 universities in Nova Scotia. Six of them have their main campuses in Halifax, while the remaining four have theirs outside Halifax.

Being that Canada believes strongly in education, Halifax has a large educated community, just like other Canadian cities.

Drawbacks of Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

What could keep anyone from Halifax? A lot of things. Check out some of them.

Halifax is a Small City

Except if you don’t mind living in a small city, then this should be a con. In comparison with other major Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Edmonton, Halifax is pretty small.

Public Transportation in Halifax is not the Best

Unlike other major Canadian cities, you may have a hard time getting used to the bad transport system. However, since Halifax is a small city, residents always find their way around on foot. That way, they don’t need much of a bus anymore.

Finding Job Opportunities May Pose a Challenge

Unlike in the big cities, finding a good, satisfactory job in Halifax is harder. Most people say there’s a sluggish lifestyle there because of the little population. Hence, job opportunities are limited, having the main fields saturated.

Low Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in the whole of Nova Scotia remains the lowest. At $13.35 an hour in 2022, inflation continues to make the minimum wage less reasonable.

High Taxes

Unlike other Canadian cities, tax is higher in Halifax. The only valid reason is that the economy is not diversified enough to have income from different industries. Hence, the residents are taxed heavily to fund the government.

In fact, the Federal Goods and Service Tax (GST) and the Provincial State Tax (PST) go as high as 15% of the goods or services to be purchased.

Finally, Should You Move to Halifax, NS?

Well, living in every city comes with advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, the pros of living in Halifax certainly outweigh the cons. In the end, it’s up to you! I only hope this article serves as a guide to making a good decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Living in Halifax

Does it rain a lot in Nova Scotia?

Not as much as it snows. However, rainfall is well distributed throughout the year in Nova Scotia. The precipitation ranges from 1100 mm on the south coast to 2000 mm on the north side of Cape Breton Island.

What is the best area to live in Nova Scotia?

Here are the 10 best cities to live in Nova Scotia

  • Halifax, NS
  • Cape Breton, NS
  • New Glasgow, NS
  • West Hants, NS
  • Truro, NS
  • Queens, NS
  • Lunenburg, NS
  • Kings Subdivision A, NS
  • Amherst, NS
  • Kings Subdivision B, NS

What is the coldest month in Halifax?

January is the coldest month in Halifax. Cold seasons last about 3.4 months in the year, starting in December, and ending in March. The temperature fluctuates between 19°F and 33°F.

Do they speak French in Halifax?

Yes. There’s a large francophone community in Halifax. In fact, about 18% of the population speak French.

What’s the population breakdown in Halifax?

According to the census figures of 2011, here’s a breakdown of the population in Halifax

  • Canadians – 38%
  • English – 34%
  • Scottish – 30%
  • Irish – 25%
  • French – 18%
  • German – 12%
  • Dutch – 4%
  • North American Indian – 3%
  • Welsh – 2%