Living in Victoria, Canada (The Ultimate Guide)

living in victoria

Living in Victoria, Canada is a great choice. However, does it suit your preferences? We all have our ideal environment or something that we want. So what can you expect if you are planning to move to Victoria?

In this article, we’ll consider what to expect when living in Victoria, the pros and the cons, the cost of living, and the beautiful destinations you must visit if you decide to make the move.

Victoria is a Beautiful City

Situated in the province of British Columbia, Victoria is known for its beautiful environment and wonderful view. It is the capital of British Columbia and is more or less surrounded by water.

Often neglected to the background by Vancouver’s popularity, it can be difficult to know what to expect from this city. CBC reports that Victoria is one of the top five cities in the world.

Thus, you can expect a good feel when living in this city.

Pros of living in Victoria

If you are living in Victoria, here are some of the biggest pros you can expect.

1.      Warmer Climate

Canada is known to be extremely cold. In some parts of the country, temperature levels can drop to extreme levels.

In Victoria, you get a much warmer climate. This is something that cuts across every city in British Columbia.

So if you are looking for a warmer climate in Canada, then it’s definitely a wonderful option.

2.      Affordable Schools

While Vancouver can probably boast of having the more popular university, Victoria can boast of having something that is far more practical and affordable.

One of the most popular schools in Victoria is the University of Victoria. There are also several high schools that children can attend. When it comes to academics, you have a bundle of opportunities.

3.      Cheaper than Vancouver

Vancouver is notorious for being very expensive. However, Victoria is a lot less expensive than Vancouver. While it is definitely more expensive than cities such as Calgary, you can expect more reasonable rates here.

4.      Job Opportunities

Victoria is also blessed to have a diversified economy. One of the largest contributors to their economy remains tourism. Thus, the hospitality industry is always booming in Victoria.

Other industries such as Agriculture, retail, and tech are on the rise. If you fall into these industries, you are bound to see a lot of opportunities in Victoria.

5.      Great Scenery

Victoria is known for having lovely trees and awesome scenery. If you are someone who basks in nature, then living in Victoria is going to be an absolute delight for you.

There is a never-ending amount of scenery to explore in Victoria, Canada.

6.      A Great Blend of Culture

If you are looking for somewhere that allows you to enjoy a good blend of culture, then Victoria is a good option.  Living in Victoria comes with a British feel. This is because of the number of British expatriates that settled in the region.

Immigrants such as Asians and Africans have also made Victoria their home. Thus, you can expect to see a large variety of dishes and cultural dressing.

7.      Lots of Outdoor Activities

If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, then you are absolutely going to love Victoria. There are so many activities to keep you busy. The lifestyle is laid back and there is always something fun to do.

If you are immigrating to Victoria, you might find their outdoor activities quite comforting.

It’s a lovely sight.

Cons of Living in Victoria, Canada

1.      Traveling is a bit more complicated

If you have to travel in or out of Victoria, you have only two choices- flight or by ferry. Thus, if you are not a big fan of either option, it might be a bit stressful for you.

If you must live in Victoria, you should get used to traveling by ferry. It’s safe and fun to use.

2.      Higher Cost of Living than most Cities

Just like Vancouver, the cost of living in Victoria is much higher than in other provinces. While this is true, the salary in Victoria is slightly higher than in a lot of cities in Canada.

So, there is more or less a balance that comes from living in Victoria.

3.      Nightlife

If you are someone who loves the nightlife, you might struggle a bit in Victoria. Victoria is a much smaller city when compared to Vancouver. Thus, it might not offer the same exciting nightlife that you might find in other cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.

Cost of Living in Victoria, Canada

First, it is important to mention that the cost of living in Canada will largely depend on your lifestyle and habits. However, there are a few common things that are unavoidable when dealing with the cost of living.

·         Rent

Rent varies depending on your location in the city. According to Numbeo, if you are going to live closer to the city, you should expect to spend 1,600 CAD on a one-bedroom apartment.

If you want to live further away from the city, you can expect the rent to be at least 1,300 CAD. 3 bedroom apartments close to the city center are going to cost you at least 3,000 CAD while the same number of rooms will cost about 2,300 CAD.

·         Transportation

Again, this is largely due to your own choices. If you have a car, you will have to buy gas. A liter of gasoline will cost you about 1.34 CAD.

If you do not have a car and use public transportation, then you will pay 85 CAD monthly on transportation. If you prefer ride-sharing apps, the amount you will spend will vary greatly.

·         Food

Most people spend about $200 on groceries. However, this again depends on your habits and lifestyle. If you are someone who eats out a lot, you can expect to spend much more than that figure.

·         Utilities

Utilities in Victoria include internet plans, electricity bills, water bills, and stuff like that. In total, the average cost of all utilities is about 170 CAD. However, depending on your habits, it’s quite easy to overspend or underspend in that amount.

To see a complete list of all the things that might affect your cost of living, you can click that link.

How Much Do you Need to Survive living in Victoria, Canada?

To survive in Victoria, you need to earn 2000 CAD. The large bulk of that money goes into rent. Depending on your rent situation, that amount can be way less or way higher.

The current minimum wage in BC is $14.60. By June 2021, that number is set to rise to 15 CAD per hour. In a normal 9-5 job, that leaves you with $2,400 before tax.

Exciting Destinations You Have to See in Victoria

One of the perks of living in Victoria is having access to a lot of wonderful sites and places. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations you should check out in Victoria, Canada.

1.      The Inner Harbor

iNNER harbor

If you are heading to Victoria for the first time, the inner harbor should be your first stop. So many things happen in the inner harbor. From boat tours to classy festivals, you have so much to explore.

The inner harbor is often described as the main attraction in Victoria BC.

2.      Parliament Building

You simply cannot miss it. As earlier stated, Victoria is the capital of the province. Thus, the parliament buildings can be found towards the south side.

The building is absolutely gorgeous and striking. Plus, it has a lot of historical importance to the region. It definitely a must-see.

3.      Beacon Hill Park

If you are a sucker for nature, then this is one area that you have to explore. With beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife, Beacon hill park will make you come alive.

If you climb up to the highest points of the hill, you should be able to sight the Olympic Peninsula. It’s simply breathtaking. It’s something you really need to explore.

4.      Craigdarroch Castle

Living in victoria

If you are into fairytales, then this castle is as close as it gets. It takes you back to the Victorian era and is stunning to look at. This castle is a historic site and is open to the public at allotted times. However, there are no elevators in the castle.

You should have that in mind while making plans to visit.


Living in Victoria has its pros and cons. However, we definitely think that it is one of the best places to live in.

So, move to Victoria and have some of the best adventures.