Studying in Los Angeles- Pros and Cons of Studying in Los Angeles

studying in los angeles

If you’re thinking of cities with many possibilities, Los Angeles tops the list. Are you considering studying in Los Angeles? Los Angeles sure comes with its lows and highs.

In this article, I’ll discuss 12 pros and cons of studying in Los Angeles. If you need guidance as you make a decision, read this article till the end.

Let’s get started!

What is it Like Studying in Los Angeles, USA?

Los Angeles is famous for local and international study. If anything, it’s one of the best places to have a holistic study experience. Los Angeles is a popular city in the United States.

With a population of 3,919,973 residents, the city continues to brew with ex-pats, opportunities, cultures, and options. With the luxury of opportunities in Los Angeles, the cost of living continues to rise.

According to, a family living in Los Angeles needs an average of $5,128 per month. For a student, you’ll need about $2,709 (that’s after you’ve paid your tuition and fees). Single people need about $2,109, all depending on where they live.

The rest of this article will give you a broader picture of what to expect while studying in Los Angeles.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Studying in Los Angeles

Pros of Studying in Los AngelesCons of Studying in Los Angeles
California has the Best UniversitiesLos Angeles is Darn Expensive
Great Networking OpportunitiesTraffic is Frustrating
Access to the Right InformationLos Angeles Lacks Trees
Los Angeles is a Transport HubDistractions are Plenteous

Pros of Studying in Los Angeles

1.   California has the Best Universities

The state is home to the legendary University of California with its trailblazing qualities. In 2019, UCLA ranked 32nd best university on QS University Ranking 2019. Besides UCLA, you also have the University of South California (USC) and many other wonderful schools like

2.   Great Networking Opportunities

Los Angeles is home to some of the biggest companies in the world. The famous 20th Century Fox, Marvel Production, and Paramount Pictures are just a few. If you study in Los Angeles, you’ll have the opportunity to network with top guys in the area of technology and industry.

3.   Access to the Right Information

The internet was born at UCLA in 1969. In fact, ARPANET was first transmitted from UCLA to Stanford Research Institute. If you want to have untrammeled access to the right information, then trust Los Angeles to deliver.

4.   Los Angeles is a Transportation Hub

You can literally go anywhere you please from Los Angeles. The LAX in Los Angeles has direct flights to different cities. This is something many students don’t enjoy. If you ever want to go on a quick vacation, you can be sure to find the right flight.

5.   The Weather is Perfect

Imagine enjoying summer weather for the most part of the year. That’s what you get studying in Los Angeles. If you’ve lived in Canada, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to wake up 30 minutes before time to scrape snow off your car.

6.   No Hurricanes in Los Angeles

You may experience some rain and wind in the early months of the year (January and February), but it never goes beyond that. North Carolinas are quite unfortunate on this; the hurricanes over there are horrendous.

7.   Extracurricular Activities Abound

All work and no play; you know the rest! There are a lot of things you can engage in, in Los Angeles — stand-up comedy, beaches, and museums, to mention a few. The top sights in Los Angeles are

  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Warner Bros Studio Hollywood
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Page Museum
  • Battleship USS Iowa Museum
  • Page Museum

8.   Diverse Restaurants

Los Angeles has restaurants that offer the most diverse cuisines ever. You have many choices to pick from, and they’re affordable too. Some of these restaurants include:

Cons of Studying in Los Angeles

1.   Los Angeles is Darn Expensive

If you want to live off campus, you better get ready. Housing costs are explosive. The cost of living is also high in Los Angeles. In my opinion, it’s a rather heavy price to pay for studying in such a cool environment.

2.   Traffic is Frustrating

While studying in Los Angeles, get ready to include traffic congestion in your daily routine. Unlike North Carolina where you can get dressed and get to school in 10 minutes, Los Angeles is different. If you get up late, the traffic will make you even later.

3.   Los Angeles Lacks Trees

Trees are aesthetic and give a certain feel, especially when reading outside. It’s not to say that Los Angeles is barren. But if you come from the Pacific Northwest, where trees are uncountable, you’ll understand what I mean.

4.   Distractions are Plenteous

With the number of fun spots in Los Angeles, it’s easy to lose focus. As a student, there are many things begging for attention. If you lose sight of your books, it’ll be hard to return to them.


If you’re contemplating studying in Los Angeles, I’ll advise you to jump on the opportunity. You can tell from the pros and cons that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. However, this is only an opinion. Take your time and make the decision good enough for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Los Angeles

How much does it cost to study in California?

It depends on the school you’re going to study in. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), residents studying for four years in 2020 were charged $8,192 on average for tuition. However, there’s more to be paid for your room, supplies, and board.

Is California good for international students?

Why not? If anything, the scenery, diverse culture, and beautiful beaches are just a few of the things you’d enjoy. There’s also no form of segregation of international students, so you don’t have to worry.

Why is UCLA so popular?

UCLA is popular for its famous alumni — Jackie Robinson, Ford Coppola, Tom Bradley, James Dean, and Mark Harmon are just a few. These guys believed anything is possible and went on to prove it while at UCLA. UCLA has made a mark for itself; its track record is renowned.

What is the cheapest out-of-state tuition?

According to US News, here are some universities with cheap tuition (other fees are inclusive):

  • West Texas A & M University – $7,842
  • Central State University – $10,450
  • Alcon State University – $7,290
  • Mississippi Valley State University – $6,928
  • Grenville State College – $10,014
  • South West Minnesota State University – $9,485
  • Nicholls State University (LA) – $9,039
  • Delta State University – $8,360

What major is UCLA known for?

UCLA is popular for the following majors:

  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Cybernetics
  • Political science
  • Film and television
  • Business economics.