What is the Average Salary in the Philippines?

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The Philippines is a multicultural and diverse city. So, when working there, don’t be shocked to find Spaniards, Malaysians, and Chinese people. With the dominant international presence in the Philippines, ex-pats have a large community to familiarize themselves with.

In this article, I’ll give you the details of the average salaries you can expect when working in the Philippines. If this is what you’re looking for, please read on!

Working in the Philippines 

The Philippines’ thriving economy makes working there a delight. The most thriving industries are mining, tourism, construction, and food processing. If you’re an ex-pat, here’s something to note — self-esteem is an important Philippine value.

Outbursts and outright belittling of others. Also, Filipinos are hard workers, so you’ll notice that organizations there work Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. Even more, most offices extend their work to weekends. For your benefit, one hour in between work time is designated for lunch breaks.

Notwithstanding the high rate of poverty in the Philippines, the economy is still a fast-growing one. While there are over 41 million people working in the Philippines, about 21 million of them are engaged in the service sector. The production and agricultural sector also employ 16% and 29%, respectively.

If you’re going to work in the Philippines, then you may consider getting your Work Permit early enough [The Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) facilitates that].

When it comes to insurance and social security, domestic workers, self-employed workers, and private sector workers are more advantaged since it covers them. Government workers and military personnel have their own insurance and social security arrangement.

Here are quick facts about the Philippines that you probably didn’t know before now:

  • Karaoke is a popularly, nationally recognized activity in the Philippines.
  • The Philippines has the third largest population of Catholics in the world. Brazil and Mexico are the first two.
  • Filipinos are one of the most polite people you’ll ever meet in the world.

Average Salaries to Expect When Working in the Philippines

If you’re curious about how much you’ll be earning, this section of this article is for you!

The average monthly salary in the Philippines is 44,600 PHP, while the average yearly salary is 535,000 PHP. Meanwhile, everyone will not make this amount. The average monthly salary will often range from 11,300 PHP – 199,000 PHP.

Here’s a further breakdown of average salaries according to various professions

Profession Average Monthly Salary
Data Scientist12,000 – 50,368 PHP
Game Designer 12,000 – 30,569 PHP
IT Analyst 12,608 – 53,992 PHP
Judge23,700 – 64,523 PHP
Legal Advisor12,000 – 32,929 PHP
Prosecutor16,186 – 47,637 PHP
Nurse 12,000 – 27,681 PHP
Optometrist12,000 – 26,561 PHP
Pharmacist13,942 – 32,494 PHP
Physiotherapist12,000 – 20,917 PHP
Radiographer12,000 – 23,361 PHP
IT Technician12,000 – 23,751 PHP
Insurance Broker12,000 – 25,068 PHP 
Agricultural Technologist12,000 – 25,203 PHP 
Food Technologist12,000 – 21,036 PHP 
Car Mechanic12,000 – 20,052 PHP 
Diagnostic Technician 12,000 – 25,426 PHP 
Account Auditor12,796 – 39,034 PHP 
Data Analyst 12,000 – 52,369 PHP 

These figures were gotten from Paylab.com


They say the taste of the pudding is in the eating. You never know what the Philippines has to really offer until you take that first leap to begin your journey there. I only hope this article gave you an idea of what to expect. Happy working!

Frequently Asked Questions About Average Salaries in the Philippines

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What is the biggest pawnshop in the Philippines?

M Lhuillier is the biggest pawnshop in the Philippines because it has grown to have the most far-reaching network coverage across the city. It’s also the go-to place for Filipinos. If you’d want to try out some other place, here are other pawnshops to consider

  • Cebuana Lhuillier (Often confused with M Lhuillier, but is, in reality, an altogether different entity).
  • Palawan Pawnshop (Operating in Palawan since the 1980s)
  • Villarica Pawnshop
  • Tambunting Pawnshop (Is actually the oldest in the Philippines)

Where do the rich live in the Philippines?

The richest city in the Philippines is Makati City. Hence you’ll find a lot of rich people there. Even with its small land mass (2,735 hectares of land), Makati City has the most successful businesses located in it.

According to a 2017 Report from the Makati government, there are over 500 banks, 60 malls, and 83,000 establishments. However, Makati is just one of the rich cities in the Philippines. Many other wealthy people live in

  • Quezon City
  • Manila City
  • Cebu 
  • Pasig City
  • Zamboanga City
  • Calamba City
  • Marikina City
  • Caloocan City
  • Cagayan De Oro City

Is it cheaper to live in the Philippines or in Thailand?

It’s cheaper to live in the Philippines than in Thailand. Here’s why — living in large cities is often costlier than in smaller ones. Thailand is the larger city in this situation. While the cost of living in the Philippines is $587, that of Thailand is $742 (that’s a 21% difference). Again, while the Philippines ranked 146 on the list of the most expensive countries to live in the world, Thailand ranked 112.

Where is the safest place to live in the Philippines? 

There are many safe places to live in the Philippines, but Davao City is the safest. With its high safety score and low crime rate, residents are definitely taking advantage of getting their own homes there. You can also take advantage of these other safe cities

  • Baguio City
  • Bacolod
  • Cebu 
  • Makati City
  • Iloilo City
  • Dumaguete 
  • Tagaytay City
  • Santa Rosa, Laguna
  • Venezuela City