Average Income in Finland


A country with a track record of job security and quality education? Must be Finland! Are you thinking of the average income in Finland if you have to work there? You’re reading the right material.

This article will give an elaborate list of the various incomes people earn in Finland according to their professions.

What are the Benefits of Working in Finland?

According to the World Happiness Report of 2018, Finland has been tagged as the “happiest country in the world.” The report is not far from the testimonies of the residents. Finns acclaim their satisfaction with the standard of life in Finland. 

If you love quiet areas, you’ll enjoy working in Finland. Finland is sparsely populated (if not the most sparsely populated European country). There are about 5.5 million people living in the country, so it’s a pretty calm place. 

Here are benefits to expect when working in Finland:

Generosity With Teaching Their Language

Learning the Finnish Language is usually challenging for most people coming to work in Finland. However, residents are ready to guide you through it. The government and most of Finland’s employers even offer language courses to help you navigate.

Favorable Working Hours and Paid Time Offs

Finns work for 40 hours each week. Where there is overtime, the employee is entitled to extra wages. During holidays, between 24 – 36 days are paid for, that is after you have worked with the employer for a one-year minimum.

Favorable Social Security

Financial support is a crucial aspect of the Finnish social security system. All through the life of Finns, unemployment, child care, maternity, and health care benefits are paid. Occupational healthcare is also provided at the workplace.

You are entitled to some sick pay when you work for over a month. Some employers pay 50 percent of employees’ salaries as sick pay.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is compulsory for foreign employees that work in Finland. The insurance covers every injury inflicted on the employee.

Average Salaries in Finland

Here is a detailed description of various professions and their average salaries:

ProfessionsAverage Income in Finland
Civil Engineer$58,162
Project Manager$46,479
Web Designer$40,249
Graphic Designer$35,253
Sales Manager$39,918

Finland’s not a Bad Idea

The average income in Finland is not too bad. In my opinion, it’s an excellent place to start. The job market is booming, so you don’t have to let any employer tie you down. Explore the terrain and pick the best options available to you. I hope this helped.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working in Finland

What are the most popular jobs in Finland?

Finland has a booming service sector. When in Finland, you’ll find over 60% of the Finland population working in that sector. Some positions are especially sought after: Chefs, Teachers, Restaurant Professionals, Nurses, Finance and Accounting, etc.

How much does McDonald’s pay in Finland?

It depends on your position. Employees are paid between $29,641 – $202,937. While a part-time cashier would earn the lower range, the Chief Executive Officer would earn the upper range in a year. Hourly pay ranges between $14 to $97, depending on your position. Here’s a quick breakdown by glassdoor.com

PositionAnnual Salary
Assistant Shift Manager€23,767
Sous Chef€19,632
Fast Food Worker€17,803
Restaurant Crew€23,246
Crew Member €22,737
Marketing Associate€27,221

Are taxes high in Finland?

Yes, Finland has one of the highest tax rates in the whole world. In 2021, Finland ranked 8th for tax wedge amongst 38 OECD member countries. This is a shift from its 12th position in 2020.

Tax is also progressive in Finland. In practice, you pay higher tax when you earn higher. However, the government tries to comfort its residents with the fact that it’s for the benefit of everyone.

In effect, appropriate and proportionate distribution of taxes can fund major public institutions that serve as catalysts for the population’s prosperity.

Is healthcare in Finland free?

Even in Freetown, nothing’s free. Though Public healthcare isn’t accessible in Finland, the charges are affordable and reasonable. Why so? Because it’s one of the benefits of Finland’s high taxation rates. Hence, taxation is the core funder of healthcare in Finland.

What are the leading causes of death in Finland?

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, these diseases cause the most deaths in Finland:

  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lung cancer 
  • Cirrhosis 
  • Colorectal cancer 
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Hypertension