Average Income in Indonesia


Did you know that over 300 languages are spoken in Indonesia? This gives you a clue of how diverse the business environment is in Indonesia. Are you considering working in Indonesia? You may be wondering what the average income in Indonesia is. This is all the guidance you need.

I will give a detailed breakdown of salaries in Indonesia based on different professions in this article. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then let’s take a ride!

What is it Like Working in Indonesia?

Indonesia has an abundance of natural resources. The ripple effect of this is a thriving mining and construction industry. Job-wise, this industry has attracted a large number of ex-pats.

Given its popularity, you’ll also find a lot of people walking in the agricultural sector. Other popular sectors include the electronics, textile, and manufacturing industries.

The working environment in Indonesia is largely friendly and welcoming. Nobody is ever scared to ask questions since there’s no likelihood of criticism. However, Indonesians are very minded about respect for superiority.

You’ll always find them addressing their superiors with titles like “Bapak” or “Ibu” meaning “Sir” or “Ma’am” respectively. It will be inappropriate to call your superiors by name, except you are allowed to.

However, this working ethic may not sit well with foreigners, especially from largely liberal countries like the United States. If you’re a foreigner, here are some guidelines that can help you navigate and adapt to the Indonesian culture:

  • Learn the importance of the Indonesian language even in the workplace; it’s a treasure to them
  • Socialize as much as possible with Indonesians
  • Learn about their food
  • Understand the concept of the Indonesian hierarchical culture
  • Be punctual
  • Reflect core values they uphold in the workplace

Average Salaries in Indonesia

Full-time staff in Indonesia earns about an average of 12,100,000 IDR. However, these are the professions and their average salaries you need to know about:

ProfessionAverage Income in Indonesia
Dentist29,300,000 IDR
English Teacher9,730,000 IDR
Human Resources Manager19,000,000 IDR
Graphic Designer 8,010,000 IDR
Marketing Manager22,400,000 IDR
Vice President22,500,000 IDR
Software Engineer12,000,000 IDR
Accountant9,160,000 IDR
Creative Director12,500,000 IDR
Civil Engineer11,700,000 IDR
Police Officer7,250,000 IDR
Attorney23,800,000 IDR
Journalist14,900,000 IDR
Project Manager13,900,000 IDR
Cashier4,840,000 IDR
Architect15,700,000 IDR
Mechanic4,560,000 IDR
Nurse 10,000,000 IDR


Working in Indonesia is largely fun, considering the friendly environment you have. However, the pay is as important as the comfort, right? If the average income in Indonesia is good enough for you, then jump on the opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions About Average Incomes in Indonesia

Is Indonesia poorer than India?

Not at all. India and Indonesia are only on the same pedal regarding corruption. Besides, India is on a lower spectrum when other parameters access. India ranks very low when it comes to the financial performance of the economy.

What is the cost of living in Indonesia?

Well, it depends on the kind of life you want to live. But you’ll need about $500 each month to live a comfortable life in Indonesia alone. If you have family, you’ll need about $1,500.

However, if you’re alone and you don’t have to pay rent, about $300 each month will do. If you have family, but accommodation is covered, then about $900 is ideal. 

Is Indonesia a good place to retire?

Why not? Indonesia is one of the best places anyone can retire. Its warmth alone is a heavy welcome. Indonesia boasts of a great climate, stunning scenery, and landscapes that would keep you coming back. If you’re wondering where’s best, check out the region of Yogyakarta. It’s Indonesia’s most scenic area. Most significantly, traffic is light, and the cost of living is affordable.

What is a good salary in Indonesia?

Since the average salary in Indonesia is $12,100,00, you should strive to get something within that range. I mean, those bills won’t pay themselves, will they?

How safe is Indonesia?

Quite frankly, Indonesia has topped the list of safe places to live or visit. However, there have been recent threats of terrorism and theft in the city.

According to Numbeo, Indonesia has a crime index of 45.98. There’s been a 57.05% increase in the crime rate in the past three years.

The level of drug use has increased to 45.79%. Property crimes are also at 51.11%. Bribery and corruption are on the rise at 76.10%. 

What is the safest city in Indonesia?

Has to be Bali! But that’s not the only safe place. Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan, and Jakarta are also very safe places to live or visit.