Cost of Living in Auckland

Living in Auckland

Are you making plans to move to Auckland, one of New Zealand’s biggest cities? Do you want to experience the city’s beautiful landscapes, animals, stunning weather, and wildlife? You should probably first consider the cost of living in Auckland. 

A 2019 survey by Mercer ranked Auckland as the third in the most liveable cities in the world. As a result, the standard of living Auckland became high.

That is to say, there’s a likelihood that prices of basic items will be more expensive than you expect. In all, Auckland is a good destination that fares better than a lot of cities in New Zealand. 

In this guide, you will learn about the general cost of living in Auckland. Above all, it will help you understand how you can section your earnings and income to fit your needs. 

Let’s quickly have a rundown of the expected cost of living in Auckland!

What is the Cost of Living in Auckland?

Below is a compilation of basic necessities in Auckland. Further, you will find out the expected amount you will pay either on a weekly or monthly basis and on an individual or family basis.

1. Housing

Paying for property purchases, house rent, apartment rent, and other utilities can be expensive. 

So, if you have a family of four, for example, you should expect to spend at least 5,401NZ$ monthly. This amount excludes rent. A single person, on the other hand,  may spend up to 1,490NZ$ on their monthly expenses. 

Cost of living in Auckland

2. Alcohol or Tobacco

Prices of items like spirits, wine, cigarettes, and other tobacco-based products like kreteks and bids are very costly.  

An average Auckland resident can spend up to 18NZ$ on midrange alcoholic drinks. Similarly, a local beer can be gotten at $3.89, international/imported beer at $3.75, and a pack of cigarettes at $23.72. 

3. Electricity

For students who may be lining a hall of residence or the hostel, you will have to pay for electricity. That’s because they are included as a part of the accommodation fees. 

In homestay situations, electricity is also included. But, sharing a flat with some other students allows you to split the cost of electricity. 

There are a ton of electricity retailers in Auckland that can offer you a payment plan that fits your budget.  Your power bill can cost around $181NZ$ per week and 280NZ$ per month. 

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4. Clothing

Unlike what you’re already used to, prices of clothing can get more expensive. Some of the world’s most popular clothing brands like H&M, Zara, and Nike have stores in the city.

If you want to shop in Auckland, you can check out these top clothing stores as well as their prices:

5. General Household Items

When it comes to buying household equipment in Auckland, you can opt for second-hand stores. That’s if you can afford to buy new items. 

Auckland has several secondhand shops that let you buy good clothes and other things that may be useful in your home. 

You can buy quality household appliances for 29 – 389NZ$.

6. Groceries

Some of the grocery items in Auckland are imported from other countries. As a result, they can be more expensive than you expected. 

The prices of groceries vary. Therefore, you may want to compare prices on different Auckland stores before purchasing. 

Typically, you might send an average of 100 to 150NZ$$ each week. 

7. Healthcare

To see a doctor, you need to set aside about $80 to $120NZ$, which is the basic fee. If you’re visiting during the weekends and at night, the fees might go a bit higher.

When it comes to dental treatments, Auckland is said to be the most expensive in New Zealand.  

For a dentist to check your teeth, you will need to pay about $150.  It could cost even more if the dentist Is to treat a tooth complication or carry out an x-ray.

10. Education

While applying for an Auckland student’s visa, you will need to leave some money in your bank account. This is to prove that you can maintain your cost of living while schooling in Auckland.

For the University of Auckland, students are expected to have between 20,000 to 25,000NZ$

9. Entertainment 

Entertainment activities in Auckland will cost an average of 37NZ$ per person, daily. The fee also covers entrance tickets to day tours, museums, attractions, and other sightseeing activities.

Other things like visiting the local art gallery or playing games at the park are mostly free. 

In addition, most Auckland residents love live music. You will find an opportunity to attend some concerts for free or at discounted rates. In this case, there’s an entertainment option that will fit the size of each person’s pocket. 

10. Food

There’s no specific price for food in Auckland. However, you should expect to spend at least 36NZ$ daily. 

A midrange dine-out meal costs around 14NZ$ for each person. Moreover, the diner’s spending habits determines if the amount will remain that way.

11. Public Transportation

Auckland has Ferry and Train transport services that operate from the center of the city to the suburban areas. 

These modes of transportation are to help people get to and from their different work stations. 

Some residents of Auckland who love keeping fit can decide to walk and cycle at no cost. These are mostly students because the walking distance is usually short.

The prices of train fares vary. It can range between $3.50NZ – $9.00NZ$; it all depends on where you’re going and how far the destination is. 

Final Thoughts

Above all, moving to a new country requires you to learn and adapt to a different way of life. You will need to adjust to the prices of the internet, power, food, and overall expenses of staying abroad. 

The general cost of living in Auckland might seem expensive. Still, you can always source for more affordable options in the city. 

Creating a budget is important. That’s because it helps you to conveniently sort out your groceries, electricity bills, house rentals, and every other necessity to survive here. This guide is the first place to begin your journey!