Is Boston a Good Place to Live? Pros and Cons

Living in Boston

Museums, theatres, and world-class universities. That’s what Boston is all about. Living in Boston can be terrific for most people. However, there are also some downsides worth knowing.

Thankfully, we’re here to give you the dropdown of everything you should know. First, let’s talk about the city itself.

Living in Boston- Experience the Thrills of the Walking City

Boston is the capital and the most populous city in Massachusetts. Boston is a small city with a very high population density.

This means that most places can be reached or accessed by foot. This has earned the city the nickname “the walking city.”

Boston also has its name entrenched in history. It played a prominent role in the founding of America.

Living in Boston or even visiting is a fantastic experience. Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of this gorgeous city.

Summary of the Pros and Cons of Living in Boston

Pros of Living in BostonCons of Living in Boston
Small cityHigh crime rates
Food and cultureReduced rental spaces
Perfect locationCrazy traffic
Boston and love for sportsBrutal weather
Robust job marketAn inefficient public transport system
Beautiful sceneryHigh cost of living

Pros of Living in Boston

1.   Small City

Boston is a small city with a high population density. This has several implications. It reduces the commute time. It also means you get to meet more people.

As earlier stated, this is why Boston is called the walking city. It’s just easy to walk between locations.

That can save you time and money. It’s a win if you ask me.

2.   Come for the Food, Stay for the Culture

The restaurant scene in Boston is electric. The diverse culture heightens the appeal. Want a bit of the Italian magic? You should probably go to the North End. Fancy Chinese food? Your customary Chinatown is also in Boston.

Living in Boston exposes you to other cultures. It’s something worth experiencing.

3.   Location Couldn’t Get Better

Here’s another reason Boston is awesome. Its location is just perfect. Boston is at the center or close to the center of Northeastern states.

Reaching other cities or states from Boston is pretty straightforward. If you love to travel as I do, you’ll find this very appealing.

4.   Theatres and Museums

Boston is agog with museums and theatres. Don’t believe us? There are currently 58 museums in Boston!

There’s also a theatre district in Boston. If you love museums and theatres, you’ll love to live in Boston. Tourists and travelers will find it memorable.

5.   Ancient, Yet Beautifully Modern

Boston has a mixture of old and modern buildings. This gives it an incredible feeling. It also adds to its already beautiful scenery.

Taking a walk around Boston brings immense satisfaction.

6.   Boston and Sports

Boston is a big sucker for sports. Basketball and baseball are immense in Boston as teams like the Celtics and Red Sox are based here.

Boston is also home to Fenway Park, one of the most decorated stadiums in American baseball.

If you love sports and cannot wait to cheer on your team, Boston is the right place to be.

7.   Strong Job Market

There’s a robust job market in Boston. Many towns in Boston rank among the top 100 cities for jobs in America.

People moving to Boston have a good chance of finding a job in their field. Speaking of occupations and industries, here are the most developed industries in the US.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Higher Education
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities
  • Government
  • Construction

8.   Beautiful Scenery

Boston is full of open garden spaces. If you love taking a stroll in nature, Boston is the right place to be.

Its beautiful scenery and parks can rival almost anywhere in the country.

9.   Excellent Universities/Colleges

Boston has a lot of universities and colleges. These universities are all top-notch and are among the best in the country.

If education is a priority for you, Boston is your ideal destination. Here is a list of universities and colleges in Boston.

  • Boston University
  • Emerson University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Boston college
  • Berklee School of music
  • Suffolk University
  • Harvard University
  • Bentley University

There are over 50 universities and colleges in Boston. You got options!

10.                Healthcare

The healthcare industry in Boston is bustling. As earlier stated, it is one of the biggest employers in the US.

The healthcare system is excellent. You should have no worries about its efficiency.

11.                Lower Taxes

Everything in life is uncertain except death and taxes. Taxes in Boston are way lower than the national level. For example, sales tax is about 7% lower than the average.

Income tax in Boston is at 5%.

12.                Outdoor Activities Galore

If you’re an outdoor person, this is the town for you. There’s so much to do in Boston. During summer, you can choose to

  • Visit museums and theaters
  • Ride swan boats in Boston’s public gardens
  • Go on a walk with friends. The freedom trail is an excellent place to start.
  • Go shopping
  • Visit the North end

During winter, you can choose to

  • Go skiing
  • Take a trip on a snowboard
  • Explore the arboretum
  • Visit the blue hills

Boston has it all.

Cons of Living in Boston

1.   Brutal Winter

Winter in Boston can be painful and brutal. Temperatures can dip to the mid-30s in December and remain low until February.

If you plan to live in Boston, you should be prepared for this inevitability. Life in Boston is incomplete without winter.

2.   High Crime Rate

Boston is not unsafe. However, it’s not the safest city in the country. According to Neighborhood Scout, 81% of cities are safer than Boston.

While this might be concerning, Boston is relatively safe. Here are some of the safest neighborhoods in Boston.

  • Chestnut Hill East
  • Brighton South
  • Shawmut Northwest
  • Jamaica Pond South
  • Emmanuel College

3.   High Cost of Living/Housing

Boston has a very high cost of living. The price of housing is double the national average. Utilities are 40% higher while the transport fares are 10% higher.

This has several implications. It puts a lot of pressure on people’s incomes. While this is true, the standard of living in Boston remains high.

4.   Traffic Can Be Crazy

Traffic in Boston is horrible. It is infamous for its midnight traffic. The only saving grace is the walkability.

If you get stuck in traffic, you might regret moving to Boston.

5.   Inefficient Public Transport System

An inefficient public transport system compounds the traffic situation. Buses can be late, and things just don’t work as well.

If you plan to live in Boston, you are better off getting a car. Or you can just walk.

6.   Smaller Rental Spaces

If you’re moving to Boston, be prepared for smaller rental places. This is frustrating because the prices are also really high.

You have to pay the price to live in this beautiful city.

Frequently Asked Questions About Living in Boston

What Salary Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Boston?

$6500-7000 monthly is the ideal salary to live comfortably in Boston. With this salary, you can conveniently rent and maintain a one-bedroom apartment.

If you plan to have roommates, that cost reduces to $3000-4000 monthly. For couples, the ideal combined salary is $120,000 per annum.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Boston or NYC?

New York is about 20% more expensive than Boston. This touches on housing and the general cost of living.

Is Living in Boston Worth it?

Boston has been ranked the 8th best place to live in the US. So, it is worth living in Boston.

However, make sure the perks of living in Boston match your preferences.

Do I need a Car If I live in Boston?

Ideally, you should have a car if you are moving to Boston. However, Boston has a public transport system. It is also a small city.

So, walking to your destination is also an option.

Are Bostonians Rude?

Yes, residents of Boston are infamous for being rude. However, I’ll like to call them passionate. If this is not your cup of tea, you should rethink moving to Boston.