Living in Aberdeen (The Ultimate Guide)

Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a beautiful place. Are you considering living in Aberdeen? We think that’s a good idea.

Aberdeen has a subtle aristocratic air to it. Most of the over 200,000 people living in Aberdeen love their city. It’s an interesting place with peculiar characteristics.

We think you’ll love it. That’s why we have provided this guide on living in Aberdeen.

What is it like living in Aberdeen? What should you watch out for? These are just some of the questions you’ll know the answers to if you follow along till the end of the article. But first, a couple of facts about Aberdeen.

The former “Oil Capital of Europe”

Located on the northeastern coast of Scotland, Aberdeen was formerly known for fishing, paper making, textiles, and shipbuilding. That was until the oil boom of the late 1900s.

Now, oil and gas, as well as advances in Engineering and Agriculture are the backbones of the city’s economy.

Aberdeen’s geography is rather interesting and quite complex. Geoscientists are still trying to figure out what lies beneath the city’s landmass. One thing is for sure though. It is a very rich stretch of land.

There is a smaller ratio of very young people in Aberdeen than in the country. The majority of the city’s population is between 25 and 64. The city is more popular amongst working-class people. It offers a stable place to earn a living, settle down or retire as the case may be.

Now, what are some of the benefits of living in Aberdeen?

Pros of living in Aberdeen

1.      Low rate of unemployment

Many young people, when thinking of what and where to study, usually place job availability as one of the most important criteria. However, those that decide to study in Aberdeen, and remain after they graduate, have very little to worry about.

The oil and gas industry produces well over 40,000 jobs. Oil reserves also indicate that oil production will last way into the 21st century.

This translates to more job opportunities and a low unemployment rate. You just have to be in the right industry.

2.      Engineers and Professors Unite

Are you an engineer or professor? Then living in Aberdeen might just be right for you. These two industries stand out in this sleepy city.

As earlier stated, Aberdeen is home to a thriving oil and gas industry. This means that engineers are high in demand. Aberdeen also has some excellent universities.

One of them is the University of Aberdeen which is ranked number 1 in the country.

If you are a professor, you will get a lot of employment opportunities. It might be time to make the move.

3.      Beautiful Countryside

If you are a sucker for greenery and beautiful scenery, this town is going to steal your heart. Its countryside is especially worth exploring.

Its vast hills are a great place to take memorable pictures. Nothing gets better than that.

Here is a video showing a walkthrough of this city.

4.      Public Facilities Readily Accessible

If you decide to move to Aberdeen, you can be sure of one thing. Public facilities. In Aberdeen, there are galleries, museums, and a great transport system.

Yes, we know that Aberdeen is quite a sleepy town. However, you can be sure that everything works just fine.

You are living in the western world after all.

5.      The Purple Flag Lives in Aberdeen

Have you heard of the purple flag? It’s given only to towns that have some of the most vibrant nightlife in Scotland. Aberdeen has the purple flag.

There are several clubs and bars open at night. If you want to have a good time, Aberdeen has got you covered.

Two really popular nightclubs you should probably check out are Babylon and Dusk. We think you’ll love them.

6.      Free Healthcare

Healthcare is largely free in Aberdeen. If you are planning on immigrating to Scotland, you will need to pay around 300 pounds. This is a one-time fee and is paid when you apply for a temporary visa.

Free health care in this context even extends to eye care. While this is true, you will need to purchase your glasses and lenses by yourself.

7. Bank Rates are Non-Existent

If you are coming from an area where you pay for everything, this will leave you delighted. Most bank transactions are done without paying bank fees.

So, if bank fees always get on your nerves, this is a good way out!

Cons of living in Aberdeen.

1.      Everything is GREY!

The look of the city easily gets monotonous. The color of building look really similar. This extends to the road and pavements. It would be very difficult to describe the look as vibrant.

Make no mistake. In the summer sun, and when the facades have been recently cleaned, the buildings look stunning. They almost sparkle in the light. The city is named the silver city for a reason.

But those sunny days are hard to come by in the winter, or when the rains come. During winter, Aberdeen has very short days, with only about 7 hours of sunlight.

These dull conditions are only made worse by the cold grey look of the granite edifices on either side of the roads as you travel through the city.

2.      Inequality is Pretty High

There is a major divide between the wealthy and those of humble means in the city. There are parts of the city where many millionaires live; fit enough to host a queen, while there are places where the benefits of the city’s economic growth are yet to be fully felt.

Some of the more affluent areas are Angus field, Queens Road, Bieldside, and Rubislaw. This would be one thing to think about when choosing an apartment.

Cost of living in Aberdeen


According to Numbeo, a one-bedroom apartment within the city center would cost about $740, while a similar 3-bedroom apartment would cost $1360.

Outside the city center, a one-bedroom apartment costs about $615 while three bedrooms costs almost $1310.

As mentioned earlier, this will be different depending on the particular area you choose. Certain neighborhoods in Aberdeen are among the most expensive in the UK.


There are several public transportation systems in Aberdeen. You can find details about them on the Aberdeen city council website. The average prices are about $4 for a one-way ticket and under $100 for a monthly pass according to Numbeo.

A liter of gas costs about $1.74. However, the city council indicates that public transport systems are quite effective. This means buying a car is not a necessity.


For an individual, Numbeo indicates a cost of about $260 a month for Western food types and about $193 for Asian food. A list of the typical items for both types of cooking can be found here.

A single meal at an average restaurant costs a little over $20, while a McDonald’s combo meal costs about $7.75.


Electricity, heating, etc would cost a total of about $150 and you would spend about $43 on an internet connection.

How much would you need to Live in Aberdeen?

A single person would need about $1700 while a family of four would need between $4500 and $5000 a month to live comfortably. As we’ve already seen, depending on your field of expertise, you’ll probably make more than that.

Places to visit while in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is rich in culture and historical. Unsurprisingly, most of the popular destinations in the city are Museums. Aberdeen Maritime Museum is foremost out of all of them, focusing on the city’s history with the North Sea.

Others include The Gordon Highlanders Museum and The Tolbooth Museum. A couple of cathedrals could be of interest in the city, as well as several gardens and parks.


Aberdeen is a top pick for many tourists as well as those looking for a new place to call home, many of them drawn to the financial affluence of this Scottish city. And now you know what to expect if you’re one of them.