The Top Pros and Cons of Living in Portland, Oregon

Living in Portland

Do you like your beer brewed just right? Do you want to live in an environment that just blows your mind when it comes to beautiful sceneries? If this sounds like you, then living in Portland Oregon might be a good idea.

Now, before you start packing, you probably should consider the full picture. That’s why we are here. This article will discuss the pros and cons of living in Portland in full detail.

Let’s get started!

Welcome to the City of Portland

Portland is by far, the largest city in Oregon. More than 600,000 people are living in Portland. It is the 25th largest city in the United States. As the name seems to suggest, Portland is known for its widely popular port.

Settlements in Portland can be traced all the way back to the 1830s. Back then, timber was thriving and the rivers around the city made it a bustling economy. As we already know, the rivers never went away.

Portland is still as beautiful and weird as it has always been.

Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider before moving to Portland.

Pros of Living in Portland, Oregon

1.      Friendly People

Portland is full of friendly people. You can expect them to respond calmly to any questions. The neighborhood is also calm and everyone is polite.

You’ll love your neighborhood. There’s just a lot of harmony and a positive spirit.

2.      Biggest Bookstore you’ll ever see

If you love reading books, then you’ll be pleased to hear this one. Portland is home to the world’s largest book store. Yes, Powell Books has its roots in Portland.

So, if you decide to visit or live in Oregon, you’ll never have to run out of books. Everything you need can be found in one store. How cool is that!

3.      Crime Rate

While Portland is definitely not the safest city in America, it is below the average mark for violent cities. Neighborhood Scout estimates that the crime rate in Portland is at 5.52 per 1000 citizens.

That is reasonably low. However, there has been a spike in homicides in Portland recently. However, Portland is still very much safe and a cool place to live.

4.      Breweries and Coffee Shops

If you like your beer or wine brewed right, you’ve come to the right place. In Portland lies some of the best breweries in the world.

Right there, you can get tasty drinks seamlessly. If this is your drill, then welcome to heaven.

5.      Diverse Economy

If you are looking for job opportunities, then Portland has got you covered. Unlike when the economy was largely dependent on timber, things have changed and opened up.

You’ll find that there is now a booming tech economy as well as multi-national companies around. Portland is now even referred to as the silicon forest.

If you are concerned about getting a job, Portland has definitely got you covered.

6.      Big, But not so big

If you do not like the hustle and bustle of places such as New York or Seattle, then you probably will enjoy Portland.

Because it’s a medium-sized city, it’s easier to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking or walking. This also helps commuters who do not want to drive.

Portland allows you to utilize the options available to you.

7.      No Sales Tax

Tired of paying for sales tax? Portland has none. Yes, you heard right! Portland is just one of the 5 cities in America that has no sales tax.

This means that you get to save more money both short-term and long-term. This can go a long way if you are trying to settle down.

8.      Green Portland

Portland is beautiful. Nature plays a big role in how beautiful it looks. If you love to walk in nature or to visit beautiful sceneries, then living in Portland will definitely appeal to you.

One area you’ll definitely enjoy is the Pacific Northwest forest. It’s a rainforest and you’ll find nature there at its very best.

9.      Cheap Housing

If you’re planning to settle in Portland, then you’ll be glad to know that housing cost is moderate. You can get a pretty good house for about $400,000.

If you plan on moving with kids, this might be very appealing to you.

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Cons of Living in Portland

1.      Weather Roller Coaster

If you are going to live in Portland, you have to prepare for the weather. Simply put, it’s going to take you on a journey.

You’ll see lots of sunshine when the weather comes around. The rest of the year, however, is quite unpredictable. There’ll be lots of rain and snow. You are going to have one hell of a ride in Portland.

So, make sure you come prepared and with the right expectations.

2.      Traffic is CRAZY

If you hate traffic jams or you are coming from places such as New York, just know it doesn’t get any easier.

Commuting to places can take forever. If there happens to be a problem on the road, you can be stuck there for even longer periods.

It’s not something you actually want to experience.

3.      Night Life is non-existent

If you are looking for some nightlife action, you have come to the wrong city. Portland just doesn’t swing that way.

Sure, you’ll find some really cool bars, clubs, and restaurants. However, there aren’t just enough to keep your excitement going.

The nightlife in Portland is best enjoyed when you come visiting.

4.      Homelessness is a thing in Portland

Portland is unfortunately home to a lot of homeless people. The worst part is that a large number of these people are teenagers.

It’s a situation that can make you feel safe or just downright unhappy.

5.      Air Conditioners are hard to find

Yes, I know that sounds quite strange and scary, but it’s true. Most people in this city simply do not live with air conditioners.

There are many reasons for this. I guess not having a pre-installed unit helps with the energy. When summer comes, things get a bit difficult around here. Most people buy portable air-conditioners.

While this is true, there is really nothing stopping you from getting yours. It’s just quite weird to have one.

Living in Portland can have some ups and downs. However, if this is really what you want, you should totally go for it.

It promises to be a box of adventure.