Pros and Cons of Living in Dublin

Living in Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and if you are living in Dublin, you will find that it is also not far from United Kingdom. This is a city that has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, and it is slowly becoming a city with more cultural diversity and economic development.

Dublin is a place you can call home. First, however, we need to address some downsides. So, although we will cover the pros and cons of living in Ireland in this article, we will also uncover a few hidden details that you need to know about living in Dublin.

Pros of living in Dublin

1. It is easy to find your way around

Dublin is not a big city which means you can hop on a bicycle, ride around, and come back to your base within a short time. That is one of the best things about living in this city.

If you are big on reducing carbon emissions, then this is the right opportunity for you. You can easily ride your bicycle to work, just around the city or any other destination and get back while you are in this city.

2. It is a tremendous cosmopolitan environment

One of the perks of living in a city like Dublin is the cosmopolitan environment. It has an abundance of nature, and you can see the natural bloom no matter where you are.

3. Dublin has a rich culture

One of the pros of living in Dublin is the rich culture. The culture is unique and divine, and it is what people identify the city with. In Dublin, there are several artists, poets, and musicians that help exhibit the city’s rich culture.

There are a lot of places where you can get and feel the rich culture of Dublin. These places include the James Joyce Museum, the Guinness Storehouse, and the Viking Splash Tour. There are also a lot of pubs in the area that are guaranteed to offer you the best experience.

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4. The people that are living in Dublin

Irish people are amiable, and the people living in Dublin are no different. Dublin has such friendly residents that the city was once voted as the friendliest city in Europe and is among the top ten friendliest cities in the world . In this city, you can easily make friends. There are a lot of social activities where you get to network with each other. In Dublin, you are sure that you can never be alone when you meet a kind set of people.

5. There is music on every corner of Dublin

If you are a lover of great contemporary music, Dublin should be the best place to be. There is music on every street in Dublin, with buskers playing around with the right melody to thrill their audience. There are also good pubs spread throughout the city to offer the best entertainment that you would love.

If you love watching world-class performers, you can have a feel of the Dublin 3Arena, and the Olympia, to name a few.

Cons of Living in Dublin

1. Constructions are always going on in Dublin

In Dublin, there is always construction going on in several parts of the city, and in a lot of cases, it may affect your movement.

For example, roads are continuously being repaired, and machinery permanently blocks road movements. In addition, roads are always pulled up to make way for new lanes, new rails, or a new path.

That is a good development. However, in the short term, it may affect the movement to and fro the city.

2. Transportation is not reliable

Getting transportation in this city is not as excellent as it needs to be. You can only get satisfactory transport when you are on the Dublin Area Rapid Transit for the Light Rail lines. Traffic congestion could be the absolute worst in the city. That is why you need to ditch your car sometimes to get the full benefits of living in Dublin.

On some days, you can waste a lot of time just sitting around in traffic, and this could be frustrating, especially at rush hour.

3. Expensive cost of living

Dublin is an expensive city to live in. People hardly admit it, but it is more costly to live in Dublin than in London. When you consider daily living costs, transportation, feeding, and payment of necessary utilities, Dublin ranks #1 in Ireland. Cork and Belfast closely follow this.

If you are a higher earner, then living in Dublin may be perfect for you. However, Dublin is not a city for low-income earners to settle down and raise a family. Living in this city requires a substantial amount of income coming in, and you must be up to the task.

4. There is no affordable housing

Here’s one of the worst things about living in Dublin. Affordable housing is almost non-existent here. Many people working in Dublin can hardly afford the rent in this city due to house prices that skyrocket regularly. Therefore, it leaves people working in Dublin to seek housing in neighboring towns.

To stay in Dublin comfortably, you must have enough to beat the living costs squarely. So this is one of the best options to do to get the best experience possible.

Is living in Dublin worth it?

In a nutshell, living in Dublin is worth it when you weigh the pros vs. the cons. However, if you want to live and enjoy this city, you have to earn enough. Dublin offers everything you need for your enjoyment and comfort. From nightlife to entertainment. You always have what you need to make your experience.


In this article, we have shown you all you need to know about Living in Dublin. Suppose you have chosen to live in this city, congratulations. If you are thinking about living in Dublin, then it is worth the try. You’d get the best experience possible.