Living in Ontario: Pros and Cons

Living in Ontario

Living in Ontario can be a pretty exciting experience. That’s because the province has beautiful landscapes, nature parks, and vast forests. All these sceneries are also part of the things that attract more people to the province.

If you are planning on moving to Ontario soon, then you need to know what your expectations should be. Is the weather condition friendly? Are the people welcoming? These are some important questions to ask yourself.

That said, let’s talk more about the pros and cons of living in Ontario, Canada.

Benefits of living in Ontario, Canada

1. Availability of jobs

Ontario has two capitals; Ottawa and Toronto. Almost every job sector in both capitals features tons of opportunities.
In Toronto, you can carve a career path in the stock exchange market.

Also, the commercial, industrial, and technological sectors continue to boom. As a result, most people find jobs in the province once they arrive.

2. High standard of living

Despite the high cost of living, workers here are sure to earn higher salaries than in other parts of Canada. Ontarians have access to safety, cleanliness, and other high-quality public services. That’s why most intending immigrants often choose Ontario over any other Canadian province.

Again, there are metros, skyscrapers and other modern buildings littered all over Ontario. These may have contributed to why the city is one of the most sought after.

3. Multiculturalism

Ontario currently boasts of being one of Canada’s multiculturally populated provinces. it doesn’t help that a good number of foreigners seek to move here every year.

Thus, the more people move to Ontario, the higher the chances of diverse cultures existing.
It may interest you to note that a large number of Ontario’s population do not speak English or french. This means that a successful immigrant won’t find it difficult to mix up with the crowd.

4. World-class educational and healthcare sector

Every permanent resident can receive free preventive and emergency care. All you need to do is subscribe to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). With this insurance plan, you are eligible for extra healthcare benefits. This Is what residents in other provinces do not enjoy.

Likewise, there are top-class facilities made available for students in Ontario. Every student in a public university can also access some of these facilities for free.

5. Low crime rate

The crime rate In Ontario is low, meaning that the environment is safe and secure. Ontario currently ranks number 6 as the safest city in the world.

You may wonder how that is possible for a province with such a large population. Well, it’s because of the strong set of rules and regulations. These help to govern and ensure that sanity remains in the province, making it difficult for crime to occur.

As a resident of Ontario, the chances of experiencing burglaries or mugging cases are low. So, one can go out at any time of the day without fearing for their safety.

6. Home of attraction for several migrates

Most entertainers, artists, and tourists visit Ontario because of its beautiful sights.
Also, thousands of talents move to the province yearly. They do this in hopes to grow and showcase themselves to the world.

7. Easy to get around

About one-third of Ontario residents commute daily using available public transport systems. So far, a good number of commuters (up to 85%) have expressed their satisfaction at the ease of movement.

8. Great for entrepreneurs

Ontario is a great place for all business-minded persons. It has everything you need to build and run a profitable company.
By joining an active community for small businesses, you can gain a clearer view of how to grow your brand.

Moreover, you can also find entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks. Not to only take risks, but also build healthy competition with one another.

9. Friendly people

A lot of Ontario residents are quite welcoming. So, you are sure to get advice or directions as they are always ready to offer help.
What’s more, some areas of Ontario have visitor centers.

That is where new residents can locate pamphlets, maps, and some other resources. These visitor centers will enable you to have a smoother experience while living in Ontario.

Cons of living in Ontario

Now, to the disadvantages:

1. Expensive housing facilities

Renting a house is expensive in Ontario. The same also goes for buying other housing facilities.
There are also beautiful turnkey homes littered all over Ontario. However, they are quite unaffordable to the average resident.

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2. There’s a lot of crowd to deal with

As stated earlier, there are lots of opportunities for every resident in Ontario. Because of that, people seek ways to visit or settle in the province.

The thousands of people that move to Ontario every year have resulted in constant traffic. To make matters worse, life in Ontario is fast-paced. This is why you can find people hurrying to reach their workplaces amid the congestion.
So, it might be daunting for new immigrants from calmer countries to adapt.

3. Difficult immigration procedures

Starting and completing the immigration processes to Canada can sometimes prove unfavorable. This is why only government-approved refugees often get the chance to travel.

Also, anyone who wishes to immigrate or become a permanent resident needs to have a skill. That way, the country’s government is assured that you can bring enough value to their economy.

4. Harsh weather situations

Generally, there’s snow in Canada. That’s because it’s in the northern hemisphere. its weather is different from what you would encounter if you were living in other countries of the world.

As someone coming from a warmer country, it might take a while before you can adjust as winter is a major thing here.

Final Thoughts

Relocating to a destination like Ontario can be quite challenging. Like every other place, it comes with certain pros and cons. You can also enjoy your stay here, depending on how fast you can adapt to Ontario’s peculiarities.

This guide evaluated some of the most significant points. It will help you make accurate relocation decisions.