Living in Alaska- Pros and Cons

Living in Alaska

Most people make living in Alaska the top priority on their bucket list and we totally understand why. Filled with sufficient wildlife, ice fields, and coastal mountains, Alaska can be quite appealing. 

As peaceful as Alaska may seem, it also comes with challenges. If you’re thinking of moving to Alaska now or in the future, understanding what awaits you is important.

Here are some of the best pros and cons of living in Alaska.

Pros of Living in Alaska

1. You will Master Snow Sports 

Alaska is usually not the best place to live if you can’t stand the cold winter. However, if this is your thing, snow sports will totally be an added bonus.

You’ll definitely enjoy backpacking, hiking, and skiing. Those activities will make your stay memorable.

2. Low Taxes 

Alaska has one of the lowest tax rates in the US. Citizens are expected to pay little or no sales or income tax. That automatically translates to a better standard of living.

However, residents that are house owners will need to pay property tax.

Because residents also get paid annually courtesy of a permanent fund, it’s safe to say that living in Alaska is a sure way to earn extra pennies.

3. Laid Back Lifestyle

Living life at a slow pace improves mental health. The state is void of chaos, unlike some other parts of the world. 

Life here is also very flexible. People schedule events according to their timetables. It can be a huge flex.

Ideally, everyone understands the concept of slow living in Alaska as everyone takes time in managing their lives. So, if you’re a new resident, it can be very strange.  

4. Summers are Perfect!

Summer in Alaska is like a breath of fresh air. Sunlight is a given and people usually find this period to be relaxing and refreshing.

Temperature levels in Anchorage, for example, fall to around 70°F in the middle of the year. Finding other parts of the state that are like one always gives an individual a feeling of bliss. 

Summers are also cherished in Alaska because they allow you to hop on the sport you prefer. They are the perfect fit for fishing, canoeing, backpacking, biking, etc. 

5. Affordable Real Estate

While the general cost and standard of living in Alaska are high, we can’t deny that their real estate sector remains relatively affordable. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to live in the suburbs with fewer bustles, there are enough options to explore. Currently, you can find a home in the different parts of Alaska at the median prices below

LocationCost of Housing

6. The State is Stunning!

Alaska is beautiful. 

From the wildlife and scenic view of the Glacier Bay National Park to the volcanoes of Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska’s natural beauty brings bliss. It can also be overwhelming sometimes. 

Residents of this state are free to experience some of the world’s amazing adventures, wildlife, landscapes, and culture anytime they want. 

7. Several Job Opportunities

The natural gas industry and the oil industry are two sectors that offer the most number of job openings in Alaska. Many residents also practice commercial fishing as it’s part of the dominating careers in the state. 

Other popular jobs that someone living in Alaska can find include:

  • Flight engineer
  • Zoologists 
  • Petroleum technician
  • Commercial pilots
  • Material movers

8. Business-friendly for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business once you relocate to Alaska is an easy feat. The process of getting your business up and running has been simplified for entrepreneurs.

However, there are some things worth remembering. For example, when you pay for your business license, you won’t get a refund if an error occurs. So, you must be careful or risk paying another fee. 

Each community comes with specific licensing requirements. So, you can process your company as soon as possible by compiling with community’s requirements

In addition, many loan programs in the state ease some financial burdens of start-ups.

Cons of Living in Alaska

1. Yearly Occurrence of Earthquake

Earthquakes are a common occurrence in most parts of Alaska. There is an average of 7 or more magnitude earthquakes every 1 – 2 years in the state.

The 1964 earthquake in the state, also known as the “Great Alaskan Earthquake,” is the strongest of it all. Other times, the state may experience volcanic eruptions.

If you’re planning to move to Alaska, this can be a reason to rethink as earthquakes can cause great unrest in the long run. 

2. High Cost of Living

Moving to one of the most beautiful destinations (Alaska) in the world might be worth it. However, nothing is fun about paying high prices for goods and services. 

Living in Alaska will have you spending more money than you bargained on your essentialities. That’s because of the importation situation in the state.

Nonetheless, you may have to create a budget before shopping wisely. Going with your reward cards can help you reduce costs.

3. Being a Business is the Ideal Form of Self-employment

Since residents are not asked to pay their income taxes, the state can only earn its revenues by increasing taxes.

So, if you intend to be self-employed, it means that you will pay higher taxes when compared to some other places in the US. That’s definitely something to keep in mind. 

4. Distant From other Parts of the US

While it’s possible to board a flight from Alaska to other states in the US, we have to agree that the distance is shockingly large. 

If you have emergencies outside the state, this can be a great downside. The cost of traveling isn’t also encouraging as you have to budget and make plans ahead of time. 

5. High Unemployment Rate

Alaska is also known only to feature seasonal jobs. Thus, there’s a high rate of unemployment in the state. To find jobs, residents would have to look forward to the summer.

6. Dark Winters

Winters are usually harsh here, and that can lead to depression and other affective disorders. The weather is quite unfriendly to the extent that it may be impossible to experience the sun. Finally, not everyone enjoys removing the snow.  


Living in Alaska can be amazing. If you are a big fan of outdoor activities, you’ll love it even more. You may experience some downsides, such as cold winter season conditions. However, the benefits of living in the state are higher, and this makes it a safe choice. 

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