Studying in China: Pros and Cons

Studying in China

Studying in China can be an adventurous and wild experience. Yet, it can be awesome and terrific.

China has grown to become one of the leading countries in industrialization, economics, and advanced education. This ultimately makes it an option when people think of moving abroad to study. 

Even though the country seems like a perfect study destination, there’s a need to contemplate what it holds for international students (a lot to learn and explore).

Are you wondering if studying in China is worth it? Find out in this guide.

Pros of Studying in ChinaCons of Studying in China
Beautiful SceneryNon-prioritization of creativity 
Friendly peopleEntrance exams are necessary
Quality EducationLanguage barrier

Pros of Studying in China

Here’s why China is an excellent place to study

1. Opportunity to travel and Explore the World

Studying in China will allow you to see a spectacular blend of old and modern civilization, the city’s beautiful scenery, and the energetic nightlife the country is known for.

As a foreigner, you can visit fantastic places with other students from all over the world.

Moreover, China has a vast territory. This ultimately means that there will be a wide variety of cultures, climates, and cultures to explore. This includes the Harbin ice festival, the beautiful waters at ski slopes, etc.

2. Affordable Education System

Unlike the UK or US, studying in China requires a relatively affordable amount of money to get through. Also, when other expenses (such as books) are considered, you will find out that studying in China is inexpensive for international students. 

3. International Recognition for Quality Education Given

China continues to set up good universities and invests heavily to ensure that quality higher education is given to students.

This means that respect isn’t only given to calligraphy, martial arts, and the Chinese language. Other Chinese degree programs such as science, engineering, medicine, trade, finance, and economics are also respected. 

In case you do not understand any of the Chinese languages, there are still tons of English-speaking universities that you can choose from. Applying to any of such universities allows you to earn a degree without worrying much about language barriers. 

Also, Chinese universities offer widely recognized academic qualifications. With a mutual recognition agreement with countries like Britain, Japan, the United States, and France in place, you have nothing to lose.

4. Early Introduction of Work Ethics to Students

Most people from Asian countries including the Chinese believe in hard work and discipline.

So, the education system in China allows students to not just learn about academics, but also values that will enable them to scale in their various work environments. 

5. Deep Curriculum

A lot of people will complain that Chinese universities do not have enough subjects or topics in their curriculum. 

However, these topics are often given in-depth, excellent coverage. In turn, students can quickly provide solutions to their immediate environment because they have the knowledge needed. 

6. The People are Friendly

Some people from different parts of the world believe that the Chinese are challenging to work with. On the contrary, the locals are nice and easy to get along with. 

Note, the friends you will meet in China will most likely be the ones to stick with you for a long time. They will also be happy to offer you some help whenever you need it. 

Lastly, every country harbors people with hostile attitudes. This however, shouldn’t ruin your chances of bonding with the awesome set of people you will meet in China.

7. A Chance to Learn Chinese

Studying in China is an ideal avenue to enhance your Chinese speaking skills. To make it easier, you can apply to schools that offer excellent Chinese language courses. Doing this can help you improve your skills. 

8. Good Food

The Chinese have delicious cuisines that you can eat. While their local dishes may appear unattractive at first, you may end up falling in love when you finally eat them.

9. A Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people opt to school in China because they have different customs. Studying in China is also a way for students to get out of their respective comfort zones and experience the other angles of the world. 

Not only will studying in China help you to step out of your comfort zone, but you will also discover a lot of other things you probably never knew about yourself. 

Cons of Studying in China

1. Entrance Exams are Necessary

Every student seeking admission into a Chinese university is expected to pass the “Gaokao” entrance examination. By the time the results are out, the final score will greatly determine the course of study and the university the student can opt for. 

2. The  Firewall of China

The firewalls are probably the worst part of studying in China. This is mainly because there are many restrictions on the Chinese internet. Because of these restrictions, students can only access a few government-approved apps and websites. 

Some of the world’s most important mobile and desktop applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc., are all part of the restrictions. 

To manage this firewall, students can get VPNs (which are mostly inconvenient). This will help them to access some of these websites when the need arises. These restrictions can be a huge bother if a student’s work is highly dependent on any of the prohibited websites.

3. Barrier in Language

While English is used to teach in most universities and colleges in China, one needs to also learn some of the local languages and dialects. These include Mandarin, Xiang, Yue, Min, etc. Knowing any of these dialects will enable one’s effective communication with the people in the country.

4. Technical/Creative Skills Aren’t Prioritized

A lot of schools in China would prefer to teach based on a student’s specific career path. Since students are indirectly compelled to focus on their math problem, China will only have more significant number of logic problem solvers than creative thinkers. 

Final Thoughts

Before choosing to study in China, you must consider the career path you’ve chosen and see if it meets your expectations. However, studying in China can be a memorable experience 

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