The Best Pros and Cons of Living in Manitoba

living in Manitoba

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada or simply move between provinces, you have to make the choice of where to live. Undeniably, you got some serious options on the table. If you’re considering living in Manitoba, then you might be on to something.

We’re here to help you make up your mind. Here, we’ll consider some of the top pros and cons of living in Manitoba.

Pros of Living in Manitoba

Pros of Living in ManitobaCons of Living in Manitoba
Favorable Immigration PathwayPoor public transportation system
Better SceneryExtreme Weather
A province for Arts and CultureRampant mosquitoes and hummingbirds
Cheap Housing and cost of livingRisk of spring floods

1.      They Actually Want You

Canada is really the home of immigrants. However, that feeling is more intense in Manitoba. This province is always on the lookout for new immigrants or residents to bolster its economy.

They even have a special immigration program just for that. If you are thinking of living in Manitoba, you should probably check that out.

So, you can come to Manitoba with the full expectation that you are needed here.

2.      Housing Prices are Cheaper

Manitoba is one of the provinces where you can expect a much cheaper price for accommodation and housing.

Rental prices can start as low as $500 for townhouses and you can get a small house for about $32,000. Thus, if you plan to settle down in this province with your family, you should find it easier.

3.      Diverse Cities

Manitoba is just the province. Inside, you get a whole new world of cities to choose from. The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg. This city is clearly the most populated.

However, you can choose to live in other places such as Brandon, Dauphin, Steinbach, and many others.

You can click here to see the full list of cities in Manitoba.

4.      Friendly

Canada has developed a reputation for being too nice. This does not change with Manitoba. The neighborhood is super nice and people are always ready to help.

This can be a big plus if this is your first time in the country. You can expect a warm welcome when you get to Manitoba.

5.      Cost of Living is Lower

We have already talked about the cheap housing options that are open to people in Manitoba. The cost of living follows this trend.

Canadabuzz places Winnipeg at the low end of average rent prices among the top cities in Canada. This means that you can enjoy a higher standard of living while keeping your cost of living low.

6.      Cultural Life

If you are a sucker for cultural diversity and festivals, you are going to love Manitoba. There are cultural festivals to keep you going throughout the year.

Some of these festivals include the Winnipeg comedy festival, Festival du voyageur, fringe festival, and a host of others.

Tickets are affordable and everything should be just fine. Manitoba is also home to several museums.

If you happen to be passing by, you have to visit the Museum of Human Rights. It doesn’t stop there. Manitoba is also a town that loves art and music.

You can visit the Manitoba Opera, Winnipeg’s Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. There’s always something to do in this province!

7.      Affordable Education

A big part of Canada’s economy is from its educational system. Thus, the prices tend to be a bit high. However, education in Manitoba is cheaper than in other provinces.

Scholarship Canada puts Manitoba as the 4th cheapest province for undergraduates and graduate studies.

The University of Manitoba is the 15th best university in the land. Thus, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

8.      Beautiful Scenery

Manitoba is a big province. It’s also quite beautiful. Nature plays a big role here. Manitoba has a lot of lakes and fertile land. You’ll have an abundance to explore if you decide to live in Manitoba.

Did you know that the 10th largest freshwater lake is in Manitoba? That is the Lake Winnipeg. You should probably check it out if you plan on living in Manitoba.

Cons of Living in Manitoba

1.      Extreme Weather

Manitoba plays a weather of two halves. In winter, temperatures can drop to cruel levels. To survive in Manitoba, most people wear thermal clothing. This winter can be brutal if you are just entering the country.

On the other hand, Manitoba also has one of the hottest summers in the country. When it comes to weather, there is just no middle ground with this province.

2.      Slow Economy

Manitoba has a slow economy. This is down to low population and not enough diversification. The major employer of labor in the country is the government.

Thus, you won’t get the same level of opportunities that might be available in places such as Victoria. Here’s an article about living in Victoria, Canada.

It might be necessary to check out the jobs in demand before moving to Manitoba.

3.      You might need to buy a car

The public transportation system is really not that great in Manitoba. Winnipeg is the only city where things work moderately well.

You’ll find it difficult to find buses within other cities apart from Winnipeg. Ride-sharing services such as Uber are also not readily available in the other cities in the province.

It can be a real struggle. We advise you to get your own car. This will make things much better.

4.      Prepare for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are ever constant in Manitoba. This is one thing that you have to get comfortable with in this province.

While they certainly do not cause malaria, it can be annoying to get bites all over your body. If mosquitoes just aren’t your thing, you should reconsider moving down here.

5.      Spring Floods

Spring floods are very common in Manitoba. While some spring floods can be very minor, others are also quite serious. It can cause damage to properties and people might need to evacuate.

However, spring floods are handled adequately by the government. Thus, you should have very little to worry about.

Manitoba is a great place to raise your kids and is very family-oriented. You might just love it here.