Living in Edinburgh – What You Should Know

Living in Edinburgh

Are you thinking of traveling to Scotland, either for university, vacation, or obtaining permanent residency? Then, you should probably think of living in Edinburgh. 

Regardless of where you are, Scotland is one of the most accommodating states to move to. That’s because of how incredible it is and the different categories of opportunities the city offers. 

If you’re planning on relocating to Edinburgh, then this article will walk you through the pros and cons. It will also save you the stress of researching and comparing the varieties of options at your disposal.

Edinburgh – An Amazing Destination

Edinburgh is a city that’s extremely population. It is after all the capital of Scotland. Despite being small, it’s friendly and has many attractions and historic sites for new immigrants. 

Regardless of whether you intend to visit or move into Edinburgh, it will be definitely interesting. 

Also, anyone amongst your friends or family can come over and visit you while you make them feel comfortable in a top destination of the world. 

Living in Edinburgh allows you to experience the spectacularity and charisma the city is known to have.

Benefits of Living in Edinburgh

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider living in Edinburgh

1. Tourists Attractions

Being able to tour on your own in the city you live in is a significant flex. If you fall in the category of people who love exploring the nooks and crannies of a place, then Edinburgh is probably the perfect destination to move to.

If you spend enough time in the city, you will find out some of the hidden places that only old residents of the state know. 

Edinburgh is rich when it comes to tourist attractions. You can feel free to ask for recommendations on the best sites to visit once you get there. 

2. Job Opportunities

Here’s another reason why you should live in Edinburgh. Job opportunities.

Edinburgh isn’t like other cities that primarily rely on the high tourist seasons. It’s one of the busiest locations in the world. So, even when there’s a low tourist season, you won’t need to worry about the poor turnout of job opportunities.

Edinburgh is one of the best places to move to land better employment opportunities in the future.

If you are in the hospital, retail, or any other industry and want to secure either a part-time or a full-time job, you will be lucky to find many of them in Edinburgh.

3. Opportunities to Make New Friends

Frequently, in Scotland, you will meet many people that you can form cordial relationships. Edinburgh is no different. The people are warm and friendly. You should make friends in no time.

Because Edinburgh has a lot of cultural diversity, You get to meet people from different races and countries. That’s incredible if you ask me.

When you feel homesick, you can locate a venue where people from your home country usually meet and connect with any of them. Living in Edinburgh makes for a beautiful experience for every foreigner.

4. Beautiful Locations to Live In

Like we mentioned earlier, living in Edinburgh affords you a wonderful experience! Asides from having excellent tourist attraction sites, you also find great places to live in. 

In Edinburgh, there are beautifully furnished flats that you can live in alone. Other times, you can split the rent with someone you trust and share the flat with them.  

Note, there’s usually a dramatic change in the prices of apartments in Edinburgh, depending on the area.  So, do well to keep this in mind while scouting for accommodation. 

It is advisable to share a flat with other people you may meet in Scotland or Edinburgh. That’s because this option is more affordable, and you may end up making a lasting bond with your flatmate(s).

5. Encourages Healthy Living

Asides from eating healthy meals, Edinburgh is one of the best cities for workouts. It features several walkable distances, which means that it’s easy to keep trim, fit, and feel fantastic while walking on foot. 

The daily walks around the city can encourage you to become healthy. 

Additionally, several trails, parks, and hills will challenge you to improve and keep up an incredible physique. 

6. Great Shopping  Spots

If you hate shopping, then prepare to be wowed because the shopping spots in Edinburgh are worth the hype. There are several great shops where you can stop by and purchase whatever you want. 

Generally, the shopping scene in Edinburgh is purely amazing. Apart from finding some of the best department stores in the world there, some boutiques are out to ensure that cashmere, Tweed, and other textile traditions in Scotland do not go extinct. 

If you ever need to send gifts back to your family at home, you will find quirky stores that offer various unique souvenirs.

7. Free Activities 

Edinburgh has lots of activities and festivities that are art and culture-related. It is popularly recognized for its annual fringe festival – one of the largest festivals around the globe.

The international festival is yet another event to look forward to. Here, performing artists from other parts of the world attend to make the celebration eventful and memorable for all attendees.

Although the cost of living in Edinburgh is a bit high, getting to these events and other free activities reduces the burden.

You are guaranteed free access to any museum in the city.

Are you confused about where to go hiking or perform other outdoor activities in Edinburgh? You can check out Arthur’s Seat.

8. Valued Education

When it comes to education, Edinburgh has some of the best universities you can find worldwide. 

Edinburgh inarguably has a great history regarding education and houses more than five great universities

Therefore, if you’re planning to live in Edinburgh with your family, You can be sure of excellent educational institutions close to home.

Downsides to Living in Edinburgh

Now, just like every other thing you know of, living in Edinburgh also comes with slight downsides.

1. Small, Expensive Apartments 

In Edinburgh, there’s a high demand for good housing. What this means is that a good apartment listing will most likely go as quickly as they come. 

Because of the high demand for apartments, prices tend to become more expensive. So, when people move to Edinburgh, they may be forced to stick to less spacious apartments.

2. High Cost of Living

The standard of living in Edinburgh is high. This means that residents will have to spend more when compared to other cities.

That means, if you’re on a tight budget, it may be challenging to live in Edinburgh. This is especially true if you want to live in downtown Edinburgh.

Usually, accommodation will take a bulk of your earnings. However, you can get a considerable reduction if you opt to stay in the city’s suburban areas.

When it comes to rents, Edinburgh may even be a little more expensive than Glasgow.

3. Unfriendly Weather Conditions

The weather in Edinburgh isn’t the best thing in the city, just like other parts of the UK. There’s a frequent occurrence of rain, and it can last for a whole year. You can hardly find the sun, even during the winter. 

4. Long Waiting Hours at the NHS

First, you must register with a General Practitioner before receiving good health care from the NHS.

However, It’s one thing to be provided with quality health services in Edinburgh, but it’s another thing to have easy access to the health facilities.

Once you get to the hospital, the chances are that you will have to wait for hours before you can finalize an appointment with the health practitioner. 

Nonetheless, you can reduce the number of times you will have to wait by paying for private treatments, sometimes expensive. If you are taking this option, consider investing in a good health insurance company.

What is the Cost of Living in Edinburgh?

Here are estimated costs of living in Edinburgh:

Rent – Renting a one-bedroom apartment might cost you between £650 to £1000 for each month. However, for more than one-bedroom apartments, you will have to pay more, unless you’re willing to share your flat with someone else.

Tax You will be required to pay council tax for the entire year. But if you’re a student, you may likely have an exemption. 

The tax rates are often different, yet, you should expect to spend a minimum of £75 every month for your home. In this case, the best option may be to live with someone. This will help you split the bills.

However, not all rental agreements include the bills that will service your apartment while you live in it. You should keep that in mind.

Food and Drinks – If you’re eating in a cheap restaurant, you may have to spend between £10 to £15. Keep in mind that this amount can either decrease or increase, depending on the restaurant you visit.

For drinks, expect to spend an amount that’s anywhere between £3 to £5 in a bar or regular pub.

Transportation – For every single journey, you might pay a bus fare of £1.60. This means that you may spend a total of £4 on transport daily.

Is it Safe to Work Around Edinburgh at Night?

Yes, Edinburgh is one of the safest cities in the UK. While living in Edinburgh, You can take a walk at night and feel safe while at it, but ensure that you’re conversant with the place you’re going to. 

There are several winding alleys, winds, closes, etc., located in the Old Town and other parts of the city. These can make it easy for you to lose your way at night. 

In addition, what makes Edinburgh a safe destination is the low rate of crime.

However, it’s a plus if you get acquainted with the laws of the UK and Scotland while living in Edinburgh.

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Places to Visit in Edinburgh

To ensure that you get the most out of your stay in Edinburgh, you should consider visiting one or more of these places mentioned below:

  • The Royal Mile
  • Royal Yacht Britannia
  • Royal Botanic Garden
  • Royal Botanic Garden 
  • Princes Street and Gardens
  • National Scotland Museum
  • The National Galleries of Scotland

Final Thoughts 

In summary, Edinburgh is a unique city, and there are many different reasons why anyone would choose to live in it.  

Generally, living and working in Edinburgh is a great step. Although compact, Edinburgh is safe,  clean, and conveniently sits on the list of top European cities that most people love to live in. 

Regardless of where you finally settle for, one thing is sure; you will end up enjoying every bit of your experience in Edinburgh.