Living in Virginia (The Ultimate Guide)

Living in Virginia
Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline.

Living in Virginia can be an extremely new and interesting experience for you. However, you should always consider the pros and cons before deciding to move.

Are you planning on living in Virginia? If you are, then we’re sure that you must be pretty excited. While it’s a pretty great place to live, you might be wondering if it actually fits your preference.

In this article, we’ll focus on what to expect when living in Virginia, the cost of living, pros, and cons as well as some really cool places you can totally see.

Virginia Has Some Brilliant History

Virginia is definitely a state with a lot of history. It was named after Queen Elizabeth I. With Richmond as its capital, Virginia comes highly recommended.

Virginia is often referred to as home by most people. It is also the state that is directly responsible for the first thanksgiving that took place in North America.

So, when coming to Virginia, you are pretty much stepping into American history.

Pros of Living in Virginia

If you want to live in Virginia, here are some of the big pros you’ll definitely find.

1.      Beautiful Beaches

The first thing you will notice about Virginia is its amazing coastline. The result? Awesome beaches.

If you are someone who enjoys surfing or just chilling by the beach, you are definitely going to love Virginia.

2.      Great Schools

If there’s something Virginia is known for, it’s great schools. If you are big on education, you’ll be happy to learn that this state is home to several universities.

They include George Mason University, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, and James Madison University.

You got some options right there.

3.      Peanuts, Soy, and Everything Nice

South of Virginia is a rural area. While that area used to manufacture a lot of tobacco, things have definitely changed. These days, peanuts and soy are the big things in this state.

4.      The Appalachia Region is Gorgeous

If you go southwest, you go towards the Appalachia region. That area is full of beautiful scenery. You’ll absolutely love it there.

The people are also hospitable and very friendly. However, you might find the locals to be much more conservative around that area.

So, if you ever get tired of Richmond, this might be an area you might want to explore.

5.      It can be a great place to Raise Kids

Virginia can also be a great place to raise kids. People who live there are mostly kind and receptive. It’s just an all-around positive place for your kids.

The number of people who are happy to help and feel a part of the community far outweighs those who don’t fit in.

6.      Low Unemployment Rate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate in Virginia is 4.7%. This is a lower average when compared with many areas in the US.

This means that you have a great chance of getting employed if you move to Virginia.

If you find yourself in the service sector, then you have an even bigger chance of scoring a job. The service sector makes up over 60% of the state’s economy.

7.      Great Places to See

Virginia has a ton of cool places to see. These places are cool for couples, children, and families. If you want to see a list of attractive sites, it’s the last thing we discuss in this article.

Here’s a video showing the capital of the state.

Cons of Living in Virginia

1.      Traffic isn’t so good

So, if you want to live in Virginia, you have to get used to the terrible traffic. The traffic seems to be worse around the cities that are closest to the beach.

One reason why traffic is so bad is that the state is right next to Washington. Thus, you see a lot of people coming from other states heading to D.C.

If D.C happens to be your final destination, you are definitely in for one hell of a ride.

2.      Conservative Society

This will only be a con if you are a liberal. Virginia is very conservative. The people who live around there are older and believe in a lot of etiquette and proper behavior.

Using swear words or cursing is frowned upon in the state. In some areas, you can even get a fine for using one of those. So, if that’s your favorite pastime, you should be pretty careful.

3.      It’s an Expensive Place

While there is a lot of great ways to get a job in Virginia, it is an awfully expensive place to live in. The cost of living and rent is a little bit high.

However, the state tries to balance this by paying a bit higher than the average salary in the United States. However, before you make the move, it might be a good thing to plan ahead.

4.      Military Presence

This can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective and preference. However, there are a lot of military bases in Virginia.

Thus, expect to run into a lot of military personnel if you stay long enough in Virginia.

What are some of the Best Places to Live in Virginia?

Looking for where to stay? Here are some places that you should totally check out.

Place to LiveMedian House Hold IncomeMedian House Cost/Value
Virginia Beach$77,059$284,400

Cost of Living in Virginia

The cost of living will vary deeply depending on the person and the area that they live. However, there are a few things that you might want to consider before moving.

·         Rent

Rent is what takes up a large chunk of your income. If you are a single person and plan to live in the cities, you will have to pay at least $1,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

You will pay from $800 upwards if you plan on living outside the city center. If you want to get a 3 bedroom apartment, you will pay an estimate of $1,900 for apartments in the city.

If you are living further from the city center, that’ll cost you about $1,700. You should note that these prices are simply an estimate and might vary depending on your particular circumstances.

·         Transportation

Transportation will vary depending on where you live. However, expect it to cost you around $60 per month if you are taking the bus.

If you own a car, then gasoline per liter will cost you anywhere from $0.63 upwards to $0.90.

If you enjoy taking taxis, you might spend about $1.5 per km.

·         Food

Your spending on food will vary greatly on your eating habits and if you are single or a family of 4. However, you can expect to spend $250 upwards of about $300 on groceries every month.

·         Utilities

Utilities here include the internet, electricity and other similar bills you might have to pay. You can expect to spend at least $200 on utilities every month.

Depending on your lifestyle, that cost can drop or increase dramatically.

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 How Much Do you Need to Survive in Virginia?

You will need to make at least $1,500 per month to survive in Virginia. While this is true, you will need to be extremely frugal to survive on this amount.

$55,000 is the ideal amount if you want to live comfortably in Virginia.

Exciting Places You Should See in Virginia

Whether you are just passing or you hope to make Virginia your home, these are places that you and your family absolutely need to visit.

1.      Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum

Located in Virginia Beach, this is a place you just need to see. Here, you can see the seafloor of the coast. It also comes with a touch tank. Did I add that it’s an incredibly beautiful scene?

You’ll just love it.

The current price of tickets for this site is $19.95 for children and $24.95 for adults. However, that number can quickly change. So, make sure you confirm.

2.      Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Living in Virginia- Back Bay National Refuge

This is a huge area where most people come for hikes and walks. You’ll also find a vast area of birds in this area. 10,000 birds make this area their home yearly.

It’s truly an incredible sight.

3.      Luray Caverns

Living in Virginia- Luray caverns

These caverns will give you the chills in a good way. They contain crystal limestones that are simply beautiful to look at.

There are also other impressive sites you can choose to explore around the caverns. So, don’t be a stranger.

Here are some other impressive sites that you might want to check out.

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Busch Gardens
  • Jamestown
  • The natural bridge of Virginia

Living in Virginia can be an extremely new and interesting experience for you. However, you should always consider the pros and cons before deciding to move.