Living in Saskatchewan (A Complete Guide)

Living in Saskatchewan

Are you planning to move to Saskatchewan as an immigrant or for work? If you are, then you probably want to know if living in Saskatchewan is a good fit.

So, in this article, we’ll give you a brief description of this province, the pros, and cons of living in Saskatchewan, the cost of living, and some fantastic places you just need to visit.

Saskatchewan- Canada’s Prairie Province

Saskatchewan is a beautiful place. Known for its beautiful scenery and a large expanse of land, Saskatchewan can take your breath away. With Regina as its capital, Saskatchewan is one of the less populated provinces in Canada.

Saskatchewan is also one of the two provinces that is landlocked. To the west, you can get to Alberta and to the east, Manitoba. The Northeast territories are to the North of this province.

While it is less populated than other major provinces such as Ontario, it still has more than 1 million persons as residents. More than half of this number live around the capital.

Living in Saskatchewan can give you an idea of what a laid-back lifestyle looks like in Canada.

Here’s a walk in the town of Regina.

Pros of Living in Saskatchewan

1.      Cost of Living

One of the more obvious reasons or benefits of living in this province is the cost of living. Saskatchewan has one of the lowest cost of living in Canada.

This is without any reduction in the quality or standard of living. Thus, living in Saskatchewan often means that you get a boost in your finances.

2.      Higher Education

If you have a knack for higher education, then you are going to love Saskatchewan. There are a host of universities that you can choose from.

The best part is that it’s really affordable when compared to other parts of Canada. Some universities include the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba.

3.      Income is really good

Saskatchewan has a great economy. This is pretty obvious in the many employment opportunities that are available in the province.

The income is pretty good. Most people in the province earn an average of $900-$1000. Thus, most people in this province can actually live comfortably.

4.      Absolutely Gorgeous Scenery

Saskatchewan is a large area. So, be prepared to be greeted with a lot of beautiful scenery. If you are someone that loves nature, you’ll love the province.

It also comes with national parks, beautiful mountains and so much more.

5.      Less Populated

This can be a benefit or a con depending on your preference. Saskatchewan is one of the less populated provinces. Thus, you get fewer busy streets and lower commute times.

If you are someone who cares for a bit of space, you are going to love this province.

6.      Housing is Cheap

If you are planning to settle down and buy a house, then you should consider living in Saskatchewan. When compared with other provinces, the cost of buying a house is relatively cheaper.

According to Statista, the cost of purchasing a house in this province is about $280,000. That’s about $700,000 cheaper than buying a house in British Columbia!

Cons of Living in Saskatchewan

1.      Extremely Cold

Canada, in general, is a very cold country. However, Saskatchewan is one of the colder parts of that country.

The temperature in this region can drop down to as low as -30 degrees. This is a significant gap from British Columbia (the warmest region) that has an average temperature of zero degrees.

Thus, be ready to invest more in thermal clothing just to get warm. Winter can get really frustrating at times. So, make sure you factor this heavily into your decision to live in Saskatchewan.

2.      Entertainment

If you are coming from bigger provinces such as Ontario, you probably should lower your expectations as regards entertainment.

While there is certainly a measure of entertainment in this province, it fades when placed in comparison to other provinces.

You might have to sacrifice your need for a variety of entertainment when living here.

3.      Crime

According to the CBC, Saskatchewan is the province with the highest homicide in the land. They have an average of 5 homicides per 100,000 people.

The average range in Canada is around 1.5 per 100,000. While this is true, you should put things into perspective.

Saskatchewan is not as safe as other cities in the country. However, it is safer than most cities around the world.

4.      Commuting is difficult

If you are going to live in Saskatchewan, you should know that commuting might be a problem. Most people in the region find it better to move around when they have a car.

We advise that you get yourself a car before moving to this region.

That will help you adjust quickly.

5.      Economy

While the economy of Saskatchewan is not bad, it is definitely not on the same level with other provinces such as Ontario and Alberta.

Thus, employment opportunities in Saskatchewan are not as diverse. However, Saskatchewan is still a great place to find work.

It can be especially lucrative for new immigrants.

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Cost of Living in Saskatchewan

While several factors affect the cost of living in Saskatchewan, it still largely depends on you and your spending habits.

You can spend considerably more or you can spend less. However, here are some of the common things you must spend on when living in Saskatchewan.

·         Rent

When it comes to renting a one-bedroom apartment, this can range from $700 upwards to about $1000. The exact figure would depend on several factors such as location and type of house.

If you live closer to the city center, you can expect the rent to be on the higher part of the spectrum. The further you are from the city center, the lower the amount of rent you’d pay.

A family of four might have to pay at least $1,500 for a two or three-bedroom apartment.

·         Transportation

Another thing you also have to consider is transportation. The best way to commute in Saskatchewan is by having your own car.

If you don’t, then you’d have to use the public transport system. For a single person, you might spend at least $65 on transport monthly.

If it’s a family of four, then transport expenses shoot up to $140 monthly.

·         Food

Food is clearly a big factor in your finances. However, it varies a lot. It depends on your eating habits. If you are someone who loves eating out, you’re going to spend more on food.

If you cook your own food, you’ll spend a lesser amount. You can expect food expenses to range from $200 upwards to $600.

Again, it all depends on your personal approach to eating and cooking.

·         Utilities

Utilities include hydro (electricity), internet bills and stuff like that. Sometimes, some parts of the utilities come included in the rent of your apartment.

You can expect to spend from $100-$200 on utilities. Again, this largely depends on your lifestyle habits. If you are quite frugal, you might even spend less.

How much do You Need to Survive in Saskatchewan?

To survive in Saskatchewan, you are going to need to earn at least $1600 after tax. The minimum hourly wage in Saskatchewan is $11.25. This amount changes every year.

So, if you work full time, making this amount should not be a problem.

If you are a family of four, that amount shoots up to about $3,500.

Exciting Places You Have to See in Saskatchewan

1.      Saskatoon

If you are a sucker for history, then this should be your first stop. Saskatoon is known for being the first home of the prairies.

It also has one of the biggest museums in Saskatchewan. It’s really a good way to reflect on the history of Canada. Plus, this town also has a zoo.

You might also want to check that out if you are traveling with kids.

2.      Saskatchewan Legislative Building

Another great place to visit is the legislative building of Saskatchewan. This is located in the capital Regina.

You should be able to see the cultural heritage that comes with this place.

It’s a great place to start if you just moved to Saskatchewan.

3.      Cypress Hills

Cypress hills are the highest point in this beautiful province. From there, you can get a magnificent view of the province.

You can just stick also and see the Grasslands national park. You’ll be greeted with wildlife and a cool breeze.

It’s incredible.

Here are other places you might want to see

  • Fort Carlton Provincial Park
  • Moose Jaw
  • Fort Walsh National Historic Park
  • Trans-Canada Highway.

There are many benefits to living in Saskatchewan. So, if you decide to move, you have a good adventure on your hands.