Living in Glasgow – A Comprehensive Guide

Living in Glasglow

Glasgow is one of the best cities in Scotland to live in. Before you consider living in Glasgow, it’s important that you at least have an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

It’s already established that choosing a place to relocate to can be quite tasking. This is often because of the several types of research, contrasts, and comparisons that go into the search. 

In this piece, we’ll look at Glasgow as a city, why you should or shouldn’t live there, and interesting locations that will make your entire living experience worth the while.

The Beautiful City of Glasgow

Looking at all the cities in Scotland, Glasgow happens to be the biggest of them. Tourists, however, would rather visit Edinburgh, the country’s capital. 

Before growing into this level of creativity and diversity, it started from being a rural settlement to becoming the ideal hub where shipbuilding and international trade were held. 

There are quite a lot of things notable about Glasgow. Aside from its charm, unique, vibrant culture, it is also known to be filled with great people. 

Finally, it serves as an excellent destination to kickstart your career; quite welcoming and provides room for visitors to get in touch with the city’s history.

Here’s a video showing the entire city.

Pros of  Living in Glasgow, Scotland

The following are some of the perks you will enjoy while living in Glasgow, Scotland.

1. Easily Accessible National Health Service

Gaining easy access to the National Health Service (NHS) is one of the main reasons why tons of people dream of moving to the UK. 

Fortunately, the NHS’s branch in Scotland is most appreciated for its level of efficiency. So, as an immigrant in Glasgow, you will get to enjoy a health care system that’s fully paid for. 

Access to hospital visits, appointments with healthcare providers, and drug prescriptions will also be gotten with ease.

2. Little to No Discrimination

Residents of Glasgow are mostly commended for their kind and friendly nature. If you are planning to immigrate, rest assured that some open arms and hearts are ready to welcome you.

You can always establish friendships with people in your new neighborhood over a few glasses of wine. 

And if you have a deep, appreciated sense of humor, you won’t find it difficult to settle in your new abode (Glasgow).

It’s safe to say that the people living in Glasgow are just as amazing as the city itself; you won’t have to face any form of discrimination as a new immigrant.

3. Affordable Housing

Getting affordable housing for students and new immigrants can be tasking. You should channel your gaze towards the city suburbs, as that’s where you will most likely find affordable houses.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that finding a means of transportation may become harder, depending on the location of your apartment. 

However, when compared to houses in Scotland’s capital, you can get good accommodations at very affordable rates. You can also check if living in Glasgow city centre suits your preferences.

4. Globally Recognized Baccalaureate Schools

Currently, there aren’t schools that provide students with foreign curricula.

However, you can find options to access the International Baccalaureate Curriculum that’s recognized all over the world. 

If you intend to go to school while living in Glasgow, you can as well keep this in mind.

5. Amazing Nightlife

The wonderful nightlife experiences in Glasgow don’t disappoint new immigrants, especially ones who are either art or music lovers.

It’s worthy to note that Glasgow is where Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, and Royal  Scottish National Orchestra reside. 

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall also features some talented rock and pop acts. 

You can find different pubs, clubs, and other venues with live bands/music; one that will lighten up your mood for the night.

This is part of the things that makes Glasgow one of the most incredible cities in the world to live in. 

If you’re confused about a particular pub to visit, you can find some of the best by simply asking a friend for recommendations. 

6. You Can Get Out Easily

Unlike Edinburgh airport, you can easily fly in and out of Glasgow airport. More than every other place in Scotland. A lot of international flights tend to get in through Glasgow. 

Regardless of where you’re headed, you can find a flight from Glasgow. This means that if you want to get an excellent travel hub in Scotland, Glasgow should be the first to come to mind.

7. Foreign Workers Can Land Jobs

One of your biggest fears as a foreigner might likely be how to quickly find a job in Scotland, especially as a resident of Glasgow. 

The good thing is that working in Glasgow is easy, no matter your current industry.

Varieties of opportunities are found in oil and gas, engineering, finance, and a host of other profitable industries.

8. High Quality of Life

If you’re considering living in this cosmopolitan city, then you’re in to enjoy some high-quality living. 

That’s because there’s a wide range of experiences and other incentives attached to moving into this city. 

Because it’s one of the best shopping destinations in the UK and beyond London, you can pick and enjoy one of the numerous spots provided

These shopping destinations are conveniently planted in the center of the city, which makes them a regular feature.

Cons of Living in Glasgow, Scotland

The following are some of the downsides associated with living in Glasgow, Scotland.

1. Less Availability of Public Transport

While it’s normal to move within Glasgow in public transports, it appears that at least one car can be found in each household in Scotland. 

This is mostly because of the unavailability of the public transport system in the suburbs. So for easy movement around Glasgow, owning a personal car becomes a prerequisite.

Besides, using public transport can also cause a ton of inconveniences, when the weather is unfavorable. 

2. Windy, Grey, Rainy Weather

Living in Glasgow means that you will get to see little to no appearance of the sun. 

There’s always rain. If you’ve always been a fan of the sun, you may find it difficult to adapt to the environment.

With the dull weather in Glasgow, there’s a high tendency that you won’t get to feel your clothes dry. This makes indoor clothes dryers and lines to be amongst the most sought-after household equipment.

3. Long Waiting Hours at National Health Service

Having to wait long hours in the appointment queue at the NHS is a matter of general concern in the UK. Glasgow isn’t an exception either.

This is a major con because residents end up opting for a more pricey means of treatment, as opposed to waiting for hours to get access to a fully-funded treatment at the NHS.

If for any reason you end up using private healthcare treatment, you can invest in health insurance. This will help you to minimize costs.

4. Cultural Differences

While some things are similar, there are still major differences in the way people in Glasgow live their lives.

For example, a majority of Scots are hard workers and hard players. If you aren’t used to this method of living, you may end up feeling shocked. 

Also, smoking and drinking aren’t perceived as bad habits. You will most likely bump into smokers on the streets and the doorway of your favorite restaurant every day. 

If you can’t put up with any of these contrasts in the general way of life,  you can reconsider your stance as regards living in Glasgow.

5. Adjusting May be Difficult

A lot of issues associated with adjustment to the new environment may come up. 

Adjustment problems may range from understanding the accent to rightly picking out items that you need at the store.

Living in Glasgow: What is the Living Cost in Glasgow?

As mentioned above, living in Glasgow is a cheaper option, when compared to others in the UK, and around the globe. 

Depending on the particular area of Glasgow you live in, prices may vary. However, keep in mind that a bulk of your earnings will be spent on rent and feeding.

The current minimum wage in Scotland is £8.20. A single person can spend an estimated amount of £617 on monthly expenses, while a family of four may have to spend £2,183.

If you’re living in Glasgow as a student, your general cost of living may sum up to $25,000 at the end of each year.

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Tourist Attractions to Visit in Glasgow

The city is filled with lots of interesting attractions. Without visiting some of these wonderful sites, you may not be able to enjoy your stay in Glasgow. Let’s check some of them out below:

1. The Necropolis

Living in Glasgow- Necropolis

This is one of the best and original sites to go to while living in Glasgow.

The Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery; small and can be found on the hilltop. You can also spot it from the St. Mungo’s Cathedral.

While there, you can find up to 3,500 mausoleums and monumental tombs which have been existing since the Victorian era. 

Apart from enjoying the beautiful architectural design that went into the structuring of this site, you will also see the whole city of Glasgow from a strategic point.

Access to the Necropolis cemetery runs from 7 am till dusk every day of the week.

2. George Square

George Square is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Glasgow. So, as a newcomer who wants to tour the city, here’s a great point to start from.

It’s situated in the center of the city and named after the former king of the United Kingdom, King Georges III. 

There are different amazing statues of old characters that you can stop and admire. Options for strolling, sitting, and sipping a coffee are provided. 

Also, the Glasgow City Hall which is most popular for its historic architecture is found in George Square. 

3. Kelvingrove Art Museum

Living in Glasglow

The Kelvingrove museum houses a ton of artistic, scientific, and historical objects.

It’s one of the most equipped museums in Glasgow and so, serves as the best recommendation for every newcomer. 

You can locate this museum in Kelvingrove Park, where you are required to pay no form of an entrance fee. 

Things you should expect to find in the Kelvingrove museum several groups of sculptures, paintings, furniture, etc. You can also find thematic galleries there.

4. Kelvingrove Park

Are you looking for a place to experience amazing greenery in Glasgow? You might as well consider Kelvingrove Park.

While there are lots of available museums in Glasgow, there seems to be a lack of public parks that can provide visitors with enough fresh air.

This is the gap Kelvingrove Park is filling. It’s a wooded park, with the Kelvin River on its opposite side. 

Taking a stroll in this park is always memorable for every visitor.

5. Glasgow Science Center

Established in 2001, the Glasgow Science Center is an amazing spot to take your children to while traveling

That’s because there are many interactive exhibitions featured there; one that will help to improve the overall Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of your children.

While on a visit, you will be able to learn thoroughly about critical areas of sciences through its interactive workshop. What’s more, you get to have fun while at it.

Several other interesting features on this site are the 3D cinema, planetarium, and the Glasgow Tower, which allows you to see the city in full glare.

The Glasgow Science Center isn’t free. Everyone who wishes to enter must be willing to spend a fee.

6. The Lighthouse

This is the most recognized design and an architectural spot in Glasgow. It was established in 1999, situated on the streets of Buchanan. It’s also close to the GoMA.

The lighthouse was built as a dedication to arts and Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a popular architect from Scotland, who created designs for several buildings in Glasgow.

To enjoy the 360° view of the city’s center, you can always reach the top of the tower. 

Entrance into the lighthouse is free.

Final Thoughts

Moving and living in Glasgow is worth the try. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions outlined above will guide your decision-making process.