Pros and Cons of Living in Hawkes Bay

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Relocating to a different city or country is usually a hard decision to make. That’s because you often need to consider certain factors and be sure you can easily adapt to the new environment. Living in Hawkes Bay or any other city in New Zealand isn’t exempted. 

Hawkes Bay is one of New Zealand’s most popular cities. It is located in a small part of the country where you can find different schools, outdoor amenities, and cultures. You can also pick Hawkes Bay as the ideal destination after retirement.

Are you looking to move to Hawkes Bay but unsure about what to expect? Then this guide is for you. Here, we will look at some top advantages and disadvantages of living in this city.

Pros and Cons of living in Hawkes Bay

Pros of living in Hawkes BayCons of living in Hawkes Bay
Great weather conditionsFewer job opportunities
Quiet, peaceful lifeRacism
Amazing foodBackward area
Unique locationFar from the cities

Pros of living in Hawkes Bay

There are many advantages of living in Hawkes Bay and a few of them are:

1. It’s spacious

It’s a known fact that Hawkes Bay is rural and less advanced in terms of technology. As a result, many people would think that its residents will barely have enough housing options to live in. 

The region does not have popular brands seeking to set up structures. This is why the residents are concerned about using their spaces to build houses, plant seeds, and practice different methods of agriculture. 

In other words, if you have a big idea you want to develop, Hawkes Bay is one of the best places to set up a company.

2. Friendly weather conditions

One beautiful thing you will enjoy while living in Hawkes Bay is the weather conditions. You will experience highly friendly weather because the summer seasons aren’t too hot and the winters aren’t too cold. Also, snow doesn’t fall until mid-December or January.

During Hawke Bay’s summer, the day is usually sunny and beautiful. It does not rain often and this makes the region more attractive by the day.

3. Cheap house rents

The cost of housing in Hawkes Bay is quite fair and reasonable. You will be able to earn and save up more money while living here; this is what people in other parts of New Zealand do not enjoy.

4. You will live a peaceful life

If you love staying in a quiet environment, Hawkes Bay is a region to consider living in. Mainly, the city has a lot of natural habitats and beaches; you will most likely feel the peace you want.

Hawkes Bay is most suitable for seniors who yearn for a quiet, peaceful life. Besides, training your children here makes them understand the importance of cultural heritage. 

5. Unique location

The landscapes, beaches, rivers, etc all make Hawkes Bay a unique region. Because of how beautiful the location is, most people look forward to living in and exploring different parts of it.

Special places to visit in Hawkes Bay include:

These places tend to attract tourists and citizens as they can seize the opportunity to relax and have fun.

6. Good schools

Another amazing feature is that your children won’t be lacking a good education. There are primary and secondary schools spread across the region. Rest assured that enrolling your child in one of them guarantees great results!

In addition, students are allowed access to indoor and outdoor activities. 

Some high ranked schools to look out for in Hawkes Bay are:

7. Amazing food

Everyone loves to have a taste of a good meal, no doubt. And in Hawkes Bay, you will have access to several delicacies at every point. This isn’t limited to just restaurants and fancy hotels, but also local food vendors. 

Visitors of the region usually eat Steamed Mussels, Golden Queen peaches, and Black Doris plums

Cons of living in Hawkes Bay

1. Racism

Hawkes Bay is dominated by some white folk who are still backward in their thinking. They are not updated on social changes. That’s why they are yet to acknowledge black individuals as humans with the same rights as them.

There has been a curb in racism within the past few years. However, nothing much has changed. The existence of racism can affect your living experience, especially if you’re from the black race.  

2. Rural area

Regardless of how peaceful Hawkes Bay is, you can not forget the fact that it’s a rural area. This means that if you want to actively develop yourself, finding a good opportunity to do so may be challenging.

For example, the region has fewer job opportunities to offer. So, it may take a while before you can start making a living off your college degree or certificate. Similarly, there are no facilities to help you live an easier life here. 

Nonetheless, popular brands are starting to show interest in Hawkes Bay. This means that you can expect to notice changes in the region by 2025.

3. Inadequate transportation system

Getting a means of commuting daily is a challenge because of the poor transportation facilities here. Because of that, people usually have to queue up every morning to find a bus to their destinations. 

If there’s no bus at the end of the day, you either choose to walk or go back home. The government will need to intervene at some point and upgrade the transportation system in Hawkes Bay. 

4. Distant from major cities

Prepare to travel long distances before you can access the major cities. This can be very daunting, especially when you need to go for an outing or shop from your favorite store. 

For Hawkes Bay, this can be a huge disadvantage. That’s because many people who cannot afford rent in the major cities will at least want to live close to cities.

Final Thoughts

Living in Hawkes Bay can be beautiful or not; it depends on what you make of it. In this guide, we have listed some pros and cons of living here. These will help you make the right decision in the long run. 

The region is beautiful, calm, and has weather that you and your loved ones can quickly adapt to.