Pros and Cons of Living in Hickory

living in hickory

Trying something new takes courage, and if you’re thinking about living somewhere else, you definitely have much of it. Moving to a new place means overcoming all the voices saying “You don’t know anyone there” to take that giant step. We understand the feeling of discomfort and awkwardness you’re presently experiencing. That’s how you might feel if you plan on living in hickory.

This article will answer all the questions you may have about living in the city. If you follow through to weigh the pros and cons, you can easily decide whether or not to live in Hickory.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Hickory

Pros of Living in HickoryCons of Living in Hickory
Favorable ClimateClimate can become overbearing
Affordable cost of livingRacism is real in Hickory
Offers a great atmosphere to raise a familyEducation is not top-notch
Aesthetic and recreational valueRisk of hurricanes
Easy access to nearby citiesHeightening crime rate
Great social amenitiesSubtle nightlife

What’s There To Know About Hickory?

 Hickory trees are what come to mind when the name “Hickory” is mentioned. It’s only natural that the big city of Hickory, North Carolina should draw its name from it. Hickory is located in Catawba County, North Carolina.

Knowing where Hickory derived its name, you can guess what the city’s known for. Furniture! What started as a tavern made of logs, underneath a hickory tree in the 1850s, soon rose to become Hickory city. The lifestyle in Hickory is mostly calm, serene, and comfy.

Over the years, Hickory has risen to become the state of the art as far as furniture is concerned. But it offers its residents more than furniture. The hickory atmosphere is a perfect blend of “Metropolitan and serene”.

Though a big city, Hickory is not overpopulated like most big cities. According to the World Population Review, Hickory recorded a population of 41,735 in 2020. Its population is currently growing at an annual rate of 0.45%.

Pros of Living in Hickory

1.   Affordable Cost of Living

The United States news recently confirmed Hickory as the most affordable place to live in the USA. This report confirms that Hickory has been the only city to maintain an average cost of housing over the years.

2.   A Great Atmosphere to Raise a Family

Hickory is one place in North Carolina that has been set apart for its serenity and relatively temperate weather. People in Hickory are calm and mostly disinterested in others’ business.

They don’t talk much too, so you won’t have to bother about a noisy neighborhood. Bottom line is that your children will have a cool-headed place to grow up. Everyone upvotes raising children in Hickory!

3.   Aesthetic and Recreational Values

The beauty of Hickory leaves visitors in awe. The parks, the historical sites, museums, and the sporting events are just a few things to keep you hooked in Hickory. Besides its furniture heritage, the city has an enviable past of stock car racing. You won’t ever run out of things to do in Hickory.

4.   Easy Access to Nearby Cities

Living in Hickory means having quick access to other cities like Asheville and Charlotte which are just an hour away when driving. If you ever get bored being in Hickory, hitting the road into another city won’t be a big deal.

5.   Great Social Amenities

Living in a city with ample facilities to meet the needs of its residents is always a bonus. Hickory tops the list of these cities. Just like any big city, Hickory has nice restaurants, shopping malls, good hospitals, and downtown areas to cater to your needs.

6.   Favorable Climate

Extreme weather has often hindered residents of some cities from enjoying all that the city has to offer. Unlike other cities or countries, the weather in Hickory is much more temperate.

Cons of Living in Hickory

1.   Climate Can Become Overbearing

Even though Hickory is admired for its favorable climate, it can become hard to predict. When it gets hot, it soon becomes too hot, and when it’s cold, it soon goes below 44ºF.

2.   Racism

There have been several reports on racism following the recent racial differences in Hickory. Clear gaps exist in education and economic matters. It’s worse in Hickory high schools with large numbers of whites over blacks.

According to the World Population Review, the percentage of Whites in Hickory is 71.12%, while that of Blacks or African Americans is 12.64%. This is something to be concerned about if you choose to live in Hickory.

3.   Education is Not Topnotch

In comparison with other cities, Hickory does not stand out for its availability of outstanding schools. It’s not fantastic, especially with the racial issues. The government can do better.

4.   Risk of Hurricanes

While reports claim that Hickory is a low-risk zone for hurricanes, reports also show that Hickory has experienced 40 hurricanes since its inception. Reports have confirmed Hickory to have an enhanced risk of flooding and thunderstorms.

5.   Heightening Crime Rate

Hickory’s population is growing in numbers, and so is crime. NeighborhoodScout reports Hickory as 6 on the crime index. Though crime may not be as severe as in other cities, it is something to consider.

6.   Subtle Nightlife

What a fair price to pay for such serenity. While most party junkies say there’s absolutely no nightlife, this may not be entirely true. Hickory has a nightlife, however very minimal in comparison with other big cities.

Should You Still Live in Hickory?

It all depends on the lifestyle you desire. We’ll tell you what Hickory is not. Hickory is not a Cloud 9 overly exciting place. If you want to live in a place brimming with nightlife, then Hickory is not for you.

If you followed this article till the end, then making a decision won’t be such a chore. Go for what you think is best for yourself. Like every other city, living in Hickory would be what you make of it, not what it makes of you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Living In Hickory

Is Hickory a Safe Place to Live?

Hickory is safer than 6% of other cities in the United States. Unlike these cities, Hickory has a 64.06 safety score. Though its population is rapidly growing, it has some considerable safety.

What are the Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Hickory?

Every neighborhood in Hickory comes with a distinct vibe. Here are the recommended neighborhoods:

  • North Hickory
  • Advent Crossroads / Meadow Brook Village
  • St. Stephens North
  • Camp Creek / Pleasant Grove
  • Henry River
  • Hickory Northeast
  • Mountain View West
  • St. Stephens
  • Brookford / Mountain View
  • St. Stephens South

Is Hickory a good place for retirement?

Absolutely. Hickory ranks No. 3 on the list of best places to live in North Carolina, and No. 2 best place to retire in NC. On SmartAsset, you can find info on tax friendliness, social opportunities, and medical care for retirees.