Pros and Cons of Living in Oshawa

Living in Oshawa

Surviving in a new city may mean having to put up with unfamiliar living conditions. For every big decision you’re faced with, it’s important to start by counting the cost. Living in Oshawa is not any different.

Is living in Oshawa worth it? In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether or not to live in this recreational city. We’ll begin by listing out the pros and cons of living in Oshawa.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Living in Oshawa

Pros of Living in OshawaCons of Living in Oshawa
Proximity to other citiesHeightened crime rate
Affordable cost of livingEducation may not favor art and culture
Best city for sports enthusiastsBye-bye to nightlife
Great educationWinter gets too cold
Truckload of options for recreationTraffic jams
Flourishing career in horticultureRising property costs

What Makes Oshawa “Oshawa”?

Being one of the most populous cities in Ontario Canada, numbers are surely what welcomes anyone to Oshawa. As a home to many businesses and attractions, Oshawa is known as a thriving city, vibrant for its role in recreation.

Because of the number of automotive companies in Oshawa, the city has been respected as the Automotive Capital of Canada. But that’s not all that there is to Oshawa.

Oshawa is rich in culture and aesthetics. If you love nature, Oshawa is the place to be in June when the Peonies are blooming. Other great places to visit are the Robert McLaughghin Art Gallery, the Canadian Automotive Museum, and the Oshawa Creek Trail (You don’t want to miss this sight, especially in the summer!)

Pros of Living In Oshawa

1.   Proximity to other Cities

What could be more pleasing than having access to other cities? Oshawa is surrounded by beautiful cities a few kilometers apart from one another. If you’re a business owner, grabbing supplies from other cities like Whitby, Toronto, or Markham becomes easier.

2.   Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oshawa is much more affordable than living in Toronto. In fact, Oshawa ranked 9th most affordable city in Canada sometime in 2020. Some say the living condition can be traced to the diversification of Oshawa’s economy, and less reliance on the auto industry.

3.   Best City for Sports Enthusiasts

Amongst other great sports played in the city, Oshawa is primarily the home of hockey and soccer. The city houses some of the finest sports locations in Canada including the Tribute Communities Center

4.   Great Education

Oshawa sure gives value to education. The University of Ontario, Durham College, and Trent University are major universities with campuses in the heart of Oshawa. If you’re moving to Oshawa with your kids, education is one asset that’ll benefit your family. The case is just the same when you’re the one getting the education.

5.   Truckload of Options for Recreation

It gets boring when you have only a few options to pick from. Oshawa offers a truckload of recreational options. If you’re a bibliophile with a strong liking for nature, then you’d love the serenity of Oshawa’s beautifully maintained parks. Needless to say, the public library system in Oshawa is something to look forward to.

6.   Flourishing Career in Horticulture

Flowers are nature’s way of lighting our gloomy days. If you’re stoked about flowers, botany, anthology, and horticulture are all careers that you can study in Oshawa. Durham College also offers courses to train horticulture technicians for a career in floriculture.

If you’re not interested in a horticulture career, the scenery offers great therapeutic values for all. And if you love to smell flowers or take long walks, the Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden is a good place to start.

Drawbacks of Living in Oshawa

1.   Heightened Crime Rate

According to Crime Grade, Oshawa has a crime rate of 18.03 per 1000 residents in a standard year. This has been traced to the recent reduction in job opportunities in the city. Living in Oshawa may entail exposure to the menace of residents eager to commit crimes to earn a living.

2.   Education Does Not Favor Art and Culture

Okay, this is tricky. Why won’t a recreational city have some form of tourism in its educational system? Well, because of the love for hockey, soccer, and other related sports, art, and culture are almost neglected in Oshawa schools.

Schools don’t offer equity in their programming — it’s either sports-focused or academic-focused. So if you want to explore the tourist industry or study a perfect blend of academics and art, Oshawa may not be the perfect fit.

3.   Bye-Bye to Nightlife

A city that goes to bed at 10 pm? Has to be Oshawa. It gets worse on weekends — the city closes long before 10 pm. On the bright side, if your definition of a good life is serenity, no exposure to any extremity, and private living, then Oshawa may be the best for you, and even your kids.

4.   Winter Gets Too Cold

While summers in Oshawa are comfortable, winter is a whole other level snowy, windy, and freezing. Warm seasons in Oshawa last 3.7 months in the year (from 28th of May to 18th of September) with a temperature over 67°F daily.

Winter in Oshawa lasts 3.4 months in the year (4th December to March 16th) with a temperature lower than 38°F daily. January is the coldest month in Oshawa with a temperature of 15°F when low, and 29°F when high.

5. Traffic Jams

Oshawa is a major commuter city, and it’s only natural that it bustles with traffic on a workday. The city has only one major highway that connects East and West of Oshawa. This makes road rage and agitation common.

6. Rising Property Costs

Oshawa is currently experiencing huge growth in population. The rise in migration has also contributed to the rise in the price of estate property. Predictions are that purchasing houses in Oshawa may become even more expensive than in other neighboring cities.

Should You Live In Oshawa?

It’s a huge decision, but that’s why this article brings some perspective to you. That said, living in Oshawa is not a death sentence.

Besides facing the challenges that come with it, the city has a lot more positives to offer its inhabitants. And who says you cannot create the energy you want around you?

Frequently Asked Questions About Living In Oshawa

Why is Oshawa called the dirty shwa?

South Oshawa was labeled dirty when tanneries, factories, and mills operated close to creek banks between the late 1800s and early 1900s. The area was indeed dirty and repulsive.

While some residents tag it an offensive old stigma, some others think it’s part of Oshawa’s heritage, and should not be taken personally. Today, Oshawa is beautiful and has become an attractive spot for travelers.

What are the dangerous areas of Oshawa?

Crime Grade ranks Oshawa 75th on the safety percentile. This means that while 25% of Oshawa cities are safe, the other 75% are dangerous. South Oshawa was found to be the most dangerous with a 1 in 42 chance of being a victim of crime.

What are the safest areas in Oshawa?

Residents of Oshawa generally approve of East Oshawa as the safest area in Oshawa. According to Crime Grade, the chance of being a crime victim in East Oshawa is as low as 1 in 64.