Pros and Cons of Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia

When it comes to studying abroad, studying in Australia remains an attractive option. That does not come as a surprise. Australia has some of the best Universities in the world. That’s not all.

Also, tuition is relatively affordable and the environment is conducive for learning. 

If you’re looking to study in one of the Australian world-class universities, stick around. Here are the top pros and cons of studying in Australia. 

Pros of Studying in Australia

1. Variety of Subject Options

There are currently more than 40 universities. These Universities offer a wide variety of courses. 

Students are often attracted to bigger and prestigious Universities. After all, the biggest courses are present in those Universities. Australia has them in galore

The Australian National University, for example, has a whopping 750 courses to pick from. That’s amazing!

Applying for courses outside your major will definitely broaden your knowledge.

2. Opportunity to Work and Study

As an international student, you can use your student’s visa to apply for part-time jobs. Working and studying will help a student to offset some of the costs of studying abroad.

Basic skills like petrol pumping, networking and communication, food service, and resilience are in demand. 

Students who have these skills are permitted to work up to 20 hours weekly in their different jobs. 

Additionally, any student who earns at least $17 per hour can manage their expenses while studying.

3. No Language Barrier

It is quite challenging to study in a country where the English language isn’t the official language. 

Unlike some European states and countries, English is Australia’s official language. However, if you speak another language, this might still be a problem.

Language Barriers cause simple activities such as greeting, asking for directions, or shopping to feel daunting. 

However, none of that will be present when studying in Australia.

4. Work-life balance

You know what they said about “all work and no play?” While Australian students love to work and study hard, they also have a lot of fun activities.

Some of the Australian major Universities are situated close to the east coast. Because of this, students can easily access the beaches, trails, and parks.

International students are usually excited to take part in these activities. If you love the nightlife, then you’ll love Australia. There are a lot of clubs in the country.

You’ll never be bored. 

5. Closeness to Other Locations

Australia is also close to other countries. If you are an avid traveler, this will leave you thrilled. 

Some of these countries include Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia.

Students travel to any of these destinations during the holidays. The memories you create here can be incredible.   

6. Efficient Public Transport

A lot of public transport systems in Australia are clean and efficient. Commuters also have comfortable seats and should have no issues getting on buses or trains

Buses and trains follow scheduled timing. It’s all good and rosy, especially in the bigger cities.

Cons of Studying in Australia

Let’s look at some downsides of studying in Australia:

1. Presence of WildLife

The presence of wildlife in Australia attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. But then again, the wildlife poses a source of concern to the students. 

One can also get hurt by a python, deer, or snakes in their home because of the wildlife situation. While this is true, this also depends on the location of your University or house.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Despite being a well-developed country, internet connection in Australia seems to be a big issue. This is a result of underdeveloped broadband technologies.

When it comes to internet speed, Australia currently ranks 51st in the world. So, if your major course of study requires a heavy internet connection, you might find it difficult to adapt. 

3. Harsh Weather Conditions

The weather in Australia is quite extreme, especially during winters or summers. Summer periods in the country are usually hot and dry in the central region. Temperature levels can get as high as 40°C.

The weather sometimes gets unbearable, especially for students from cooler regions. It also causes people to stay indoors for long hours in an airconditioned room. 

In elevated areas, temperature levels might be at freezing levels. Students from tropical areas will find it harder to cope.

To quickly get used to extreme weather conditions, students can either opt for the right clothes or stay indoors.

4. Problem of Mismanagement

Many international students tend to find it hard to adapt to the demands of their academics and personal life. It doesn’t help matters that Australia has a developed economy. 

Being able to handle everything alone in a foreign country can get overwhelming. Thus, discipline is required when studying in Australia.

5. It’s expensive

At the beginning of your study in Australia, you will have to invest heavily in the visa, flights, living, and tuition fees. Australia also has a high cost of living.

Because of this, students are advised to save up and set aside a good budget. Doing this will help you meet your needs with ease.

6. It Can Get Lonely

For some students, adjusting to the absence of family and friends is hard. It’s a new culture and environment. That can be quite stressful. 

So, several students may end up feeling homesick and bored. Social media platforms might not always fill the void. You should consider this factor before making a move.

Final Thoughts

Australia’s educational system ranks 3rd in the world. This is just behind the UK and the US. Thus, studying in Australis is definitely the right call. 

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